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Tadano ATF 50G-3

The Tadano ATF 50G-3 is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 55 tons. The maximum boom length is 131.2 feet and the maximum jib length is 52.5 feet.

The 5 section boom is constructed of high tensile and fine grained steel. There are four telescoping sections, extended by a single telescopic cylinder, and 1 base section. All of the telescopic sections of the boom can be extended under a partial load, to limit the amount of time in setting up lifts. 5 sheaves on the boom head increase the strength of the boom and increase the maximum lift capacity.

The carrier engine is a Mercedes-Benz OM 926 LA. This engine is a 6 cylinder, water cooled, and Tier IV compliant powerhouse and is rated at 326 horsepower. The ZF-AS-Tronic transmission system has an electro-pneumatically operated dry-type clutch and automated gear shifting. There are 12 forward and 2 reverse speeds, giving the operator the control needed to limit safety hazards.

Both the carrier and the superstructure frames are torsion-resistant and constructed with high strength steel. The superstructure is connected to the carrier by a single row ball bearing slewing ring.

A three circuit diesel hydraulic system is included in the Tadano ATF 50G-3 with 1 double-axle piston pump and one gear pump. The ZF Servocom dual-circuit steering system in the crane allow for hydraulic assisted steering of the first and third axle and steering of all other axles possible. The brake system is composed of service brakes, a parking brake, an engine exhaust brake, and a constant throttle engine brake system.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 55 tons
Maximum Boom Length 131.2 feet
Maximum Jib Length 52.5 feet

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