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Tadano ATF160G-5

The Tadano ATF160G-5 is a 200 ton all terrain crane with a maximum boom length of 196 feet, and a maximum jib length of 122 feet.

The Tadano ATF160G-5 is a powerful machine. It is powered by a 184 horsepower Mercedes Benz OM 906 LA 6 cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. This engine gives the ATF160G-5 the power to complete the lifts you need. It is equipped standard with a 5-part telescoping boom. Each section was crafted with fine grained steel. All telescope sections can be extended and retracted fully automatically, and also locked in the selected working position.

The ATF160G-5 also focuses on maneuverability. The steering system consists of ZF semi block dual circuit hydraulic steering and mechanical steering of two front axles with hydraulic booster and an emergency steering pump is flange mounted to the transfer box. The rear axles are steered electronically. The brake system consists of a dual circuit service break, a parking brake, and an auxiliary brake. With so many options, the operator has enough control to limit potential safety concerns. The cab of the crane is comfortable, yet efficient. It comes equipped with an electronic load moment device, which allows for the operator to be aware of every part of the ATF160G-5, and for the operator to be able to stop lifting if the limit is reached.

The cab is also equipped with quality of life amenities, such as a radio with a cd player, and an air heater. ​


Maximum Lift Capacity 200 ton
Maximum Boom Length 196 feet
Maximum Jib Length 122 feet

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