Tadano GR-150XL-3

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 15 US Tons
Boom 18-79 ft
Winches 2

Tadano GR-150XL-3 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Tadano GR-150XL

The Tadano GR-150XL‑3 is one of the most compact cranes from Tadano, measuring out to just over 24ft in length and comes with a lifting capacity of 15-tons. The GR-150XL‑3 comes with a maximum boom length of 79ft and a maximum jib length of 18ft.

The GR-150XL‑3 is perfect for smaller-scale jobs in which the crane would have to get into tight areas and do lifts, such as refinery work or wood frame construction jobs. 

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