Tadano GR-750XL-2

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Tadano GR-750XL-2 Crane Overview and Specifications

Official Manufacturer Model Name: Tadano GR-750XL-2

The Tadano GR-750XL‑2 is a 75 ton rough terrain crane. It’s 5 section full power boom has a maximum length of 141 ft. and its maximum jib length is 58 ft.

In true Tadano fashion, the Tadano GR-750XL‑2 was built with toughness in mind. It features a rugged frame and a hydraulic suspension system specially made to handle the toughest jobs and jobsites.

The Tadano GR-750XL‑2 also features new Hello Net technology, allowing for easy access to job history, and also allowing the user to locate the crane at any moment. Asymmetrical Outriggers add another benefit by allowing operators and teams to stay safe while operating on jobs that require unconventional lifts. The onboard AML‑C will slow stop when the crane is pushed to unsafe conditions, limiting safety hazards.

Two devices on the Tadano GR-750XL help to reduce fuel consumption. The eco mode system reduces engine power when it isn’t needed by 40%. The Positive Control System reduces fuel consumption while the crane is idle but still on by 60%. By limiting fuel consumption, cranes leave less of an impact on the environment and they save money.

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