Tadano GR-900XL

Rough Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 90 US Tons
Boom 39-154 ft

Tadano GR-900XL Crane Overview and Specifications

The Tadano GR900XL is a rough terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 90 tons. It has a maximum boom length of 154.2 feet and a maximum job length of 58.1 feet.

The five-sectioned boom of the GR900Xl is fully powered and synchronized by a system consisting of two telescope cylinders, a retraction cable, and an extension cable. 7 sheaves on the boom head increase the strength and stability of the boom. The jib is a bi fold lattice type jib that can be stored alongside the base section of the boom with the assistance of cylinders on the side of the superstructure. A single sheave is added to the jib to strengthen and stabilize it. The outrigger system is made up of four hydraulic beam and jack outriggers. These outriggers have a maximum extension of 23 feet and 11 and 3/8 inches and a maximum retraction of 10 feet and 10 and ½ inches.

The engine of the Tadano GR900XL is a Cummins QSB6.7. The direct injection diesel engine is Tier IV compliant, has 6 cylinders, and has a gas tank of 79.2 lons. The transmission system is fully automatic and has 6 forward speeds and 2 backwards speeds. The brake system is made up of disc brakes on all four wheels, an electro-pneumatic operated exhaust brake, and a spring applied air released break acting on the input shaft of the front axle.

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