Tadano Mantis GTC-2000

Telecrawler Information

Max Cap 172 US Tons
Boom 42-197 ft

Tadano Mantis GTC-2000 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Mantis GTC-2000 by Tadano is a tele-boom crawler crane has a powerful, robust and versatile undercarriage with a smart and comprehensive access concept. The GTC-2000 is optimized for transport. The base crane is transported to the site on a low-bed truck, the crane components separately on several standard trucks. This means that separate driving permits are not required in most cases. This also means that the GTC-2000 can get to the worksite faster – and get to work on lifts that would not be feasible otherwise.

The crane is easy to set up without the assist of another crane, it sets itself up with highly efficient self-assembly, accelerated through the use of hydraulic or electrical quick couplings, optimally controlled via remote.

The Tadano GTC-2000 has a maximum lifting capacity of 156 metric tons (172 US tons). The max. boom length is 60 m (196.9 ft). The boom is a 6‑section full power telescoping boom with 4 extension modes. The swing is a gear motor driving a planetary gear reducer with a shaft-mounted pinion, external gear shear ball slew bearing bolted to the superstructure and the car body allows the superstructure to rotate 360°. The IC‑1 Plus crane control system makes it possible to carry out lifts with asymmetrical track widths.

The travel system provides skid steering and counter-rotation. The hydraulically operated outriggers on the GTC-2000 raise the base crane to a height of 3.3 ft − with a distance of around 13.1 ft between the outriggers themselves. This means that low-bed trucks with a wide variety of geometries can simply drive under the base crane and carry it to and from the worksite.

The frame is an all-steel, welded structure, precision machined to accept attachment of the boom and swing components. Equipped with an MTU EPA Tier 4f engine, this crane is dependable and long-lasting. The GTC-2000 has a main winch and auxiliary winch, with a planetary geared two-speed winch includes a hydraulic motor, multidisc internal brake, and counterbalance valve. A drum rotation indicator is included.

The operator’s cab is a fully-enclosed, air-conditioned all-steel modular cab with a lockable sliding door, acoustical lining, anti-slip floor, and tinted safety glass. The cabin can tilt +15 degrees for a view when operating. Rearview cameras on the body and cameras on the boom are installed for better vision and lights can be used for dark/​harsh environments.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tadano Mantis GTC-2000, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.