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Tadano TM-1882

The Tadano TM-1882 is a versatile telescoping boom crane. It was the first truck crane to be fitted with a six-section boom worldwide. It has a max lift capacity of 18 tons (16 t) and a main boom max length of 82 ft. (25 m). There are no jibs for this model crane.

It comes standard with a number of notable safety features that keep worksite accidents to a minimum. Some of these include: an anti-two block system with alarm, Tadano’s AMA system, external warning lights, safety valves to reduce the likelihood of ruptured pipes and hoses, a level gauge, and holding valves, and precise crane controls. All electronics are powered by the standard 12-volt electric system, while the winch and swing are powered by hydraulic motors.

Interested in pushing this telescoping boom truck crane’s capabilities even further? There are several options available to do just that. Some of these include: short outriggers, a boom angle alarm, various sized hook blocks, radio remote controls, a two-person basket, and continuous 360-degree full-circle swing.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 18 tons
Maximum Boom Length 82 feet
Maximum Jib Length 0 feet

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