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Terex Crossover 4500

The Terex Crossover 4500 is a 45 ton all terrain crane. It has a maximum boom length of 105 feet, and a maximum jib length of 49 feet.

The boom of the Crossover 4500 is a four section, fully powered boom. The sections are fully synchronized so setup is less time consuming and more efficient. The head of the boom was created with 4 metallic sheaves that increase the power of the crane and the maximum lift capacity. The boom’s elevation angle range is from -4 degrees to 77 degrees so the crane can complete a variety of lifts. 360 degree rotation of the boom allows for the Crossover 4500 to complete a lift in areas where space is limited without damaging the crane.

The jib section can either be a fixed length or adjustable length swing-on jib. Both of these sections can be adjusted to 0, 15, or 30 degrees to fit the need of the lift.

The cab has all of the amenities demanded in today’s crane market. A rated capacity indicator shows the operator every statistic they could ever need about the boom. The indicator also includes alarms to warn the operator and others when a potentially hazardous situation could occur. The max length of the outriggers is 26 feet. The mid length of the front outrigger is 20 feet while the mid length in the back is 19.5 feet.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 45 tons
Maximum Boom Length 105 feet
Maximum Jib Length 49 feet

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