Terex Crossover 5000

All-Terrain Crane Information

Max Cap 50 US Tons
Boom 35-110 ft

Terex Crossover 5000 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex Crossover 5000 is a 50 ton all terrain crane. It has a maximum boom length of 110 feet and a maximum jib length of 57 feet.

The Crossover 5000 is a powerful machine because of the parts put into it. The four sectioned, fully powered, and fully synchronized telescopic boom allow for the crane to lift each to be completed without compromise of the integrity of the crane. The minimum angle of the boom is ‑4 degrees and the maximum is 76 degrees. The boom has 360 degree continuous rotation.

The hoist has two speeds. The low speed of the hoist is 184 feet per minute. The high speed is 369 feet per minute. By giving the hoist two speeds, the operator has more control of the crane, thus limiting hazards.

The cab of the Crossover 5000 is an operator’s dream. The cab is equipped with tinted safety glass. The tint keeps sunlight from limiting the operator’s ability to see, and the glass limits debris from entering the cab and taking attention away from the job at hand. The cab is also equipped with a heater and air conditioning package. The heater and air conditioning package allows for operators to work in conditions that would usually force them to stop operation. This can help jobs stay on schedule and on budget. The cab also includes a rated capacity indicator. This indicator allows for an operator to know exactly what is going on in the Crossover 5000.

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