Terex Eazy 90

Tower Crane Information

Max Cap 6.6 US Tons

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Terex Eazy 90 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex Eazy 90 is a self-erecting hydraulic crane with a maximum lift capacity of 6 metric tons (6.6 U.S. tons). The maximum length of the jib is 45 m (147.6 ft.), and the lifting capacity while jib is at maximum length is 1.4 metric tons (1.54 U.S. tons). You can choose from different jib configurations whether it be fully extended, a folded jib, or a modular jib. The jib can also be set in 3 different angles, a flat horizontal, 15 degrees, and 25 degrees. The Eazy 90 has a telescopic tower which offers the possibility of adding additional tower sections for up to 15 different under hook heights.

The Eazy 90 is compact making it easy to transport and it’s footprint is small with a base slewing radius of 3.3 m, saving time on costs, permits, and transportation equipment. The crane comes equipped with a radio remote control that can operate the crane from a safe distance. The trolley and slewing speeds can be changed, and the hoist has 5 different speeds to operate. The control unit’s display screen alerts the operator with audio and visual alarms when something is functioning properly.

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