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Terex Explorer 5500

The Terex Explorer 5500 is an all-terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 140 tons. The maximum boom length is 187 feet and the maximum jib length is 108 feet.

The Explorer 5500 focuses on comfort and safety. The team at Terex realizes that the comfort of the operator heavily influences the time it takes to complete a job. For this reason, the cab of the Explorer 5500 is full of amenities that any operator would want, such as radio and air conditioning. It even includes cruise control for driving extended lengths.

The 10x6x10 5 axles that hold up the crane rely on the hydropneumatic suspension system to evenly distribute weight between them. The steering system is a dual-circuit system with independent rear axle steering, allowing for more control. The counterweights are broken into 6 different pieces to allow for more efficient shipping and transport. A Scania DC13 500Hp engine powers the crane, and a ZF AS-Tronic 12 gear automated gearbox allow for ultimate control of that engine.

The safety of the explorer comes from the construction of the crane and the features included in the design. The brake system, which is fleshed out in order to protect the operator and others in the job site even if one brake fails, includes a pneumatic dual circuit service brake with an antilock system, disc brakes, hydraulic retarder integrated into the transmission as a wearless sustained action-brake, an exhaust brake, and a spring loaded parking brake.

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Maximum Lift Capacity 140 tons
Maximum Boom Length 187 feet
Maximum Jib Length 108 feet

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