Terex RM5092

Boom Truck Information

Max Cap 25 US Tons
Boom 29-92 ft

Terex RM5092 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex RM5092 is an excellent boom truck crane for smaller projects. It has a max lift capacity of 25 tons (23 t), a max jib length of 43 ft. (13 m), and its four-section, full power mechanically synchronized boom has a max length of 101 ft. (31 m). It comes standard with independent outrigger controls that stabilize the crane in difficult worksite conditions, and an advanced crane control system that provides precise boom movements thanks to fully-proportional metering characteristics.

The Terex RM5092 also comes with several interesting safety features. Some of these include: an electronic load moment indicator, an anti-two block device, and an efficient pressure-compensating, load sensing hydraulic system. Its closed-block, cross-braced design gives it greater strength and rigidity than similar cranes in its class, allowing it to withstands all sorts of abuse.

For those interested in getting a bit more about this well-designed boom truck crane, available options include: radio remote controls, one-man/two-man baskets, a self-leveling platform, an auxiliary winch, multi-load blocks, a spin-resistant load line, a rear bumper, an oil cooler, a hydraulic auxiliary tool circuit, a removable cab for certain models, continuous rotation, and a winch drum tensioner.

If you are interested in learning more about the Terex RM5092, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.