Terex TC60

Boom Truck Information

Terex TC60 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Terex TC60 is a 60 ton hydraulic truck crane. It has a maximum boom length of 131 ft. and a maximum jib length of 50 ft.

The power of the TC60 comes from its parts. The 6 cylinder 320 horsepower M.A.N. D2066 LF 35 engine is a powerful enough engine to tackle any job. The fully hydraulic boom system gives the TC60 power but also versatility and efficiency, as it can telescope in short times and lift as much as is needed for each job. The TC60 also focuses on maneuverability. The steering system is a dual-circuit mechanical steering system with a hydraulic booster. The brake system is comprised of a foot break, pneumatic disc brakes, pneumatic drum brakes, with an automatic lining adjustment ABS system. The hydraulic system allows for four independent movements to be performed simultaneously, and also includes a hydraulic oil cooler.

The comfort and safety of the operator were also taken into account when creating the TC60. The cab is constructed of all steel, and windows made with tinted safety glass. The tint keeps the sun out of the operator’s eyes and the glass keeps debris from entering the cab. By limiting the distractions of the operator, the job is made safer. A hot air heater is included, in order to allow for jobs to be completed when temperatures are too low otherwise.

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