Xtreme XR2450-D

Telehandler Information

Xtreme XR2450-D Crane Overview and Specifications

The Xtreme XR2450‑D is an ultra-high capacity roller boom built to outlast and outperform anything else in the industry. Ideal for large scale infrastructure and construction projects due to its wide outrigger capabilities and boom lift point.

This telehandler has a max. lifting capacity of 10.88 metric tons (12 US tons). It has a max. lift height of 15.24 m (50 ft) and a max. forward reach of 10.97 m (36 ft). Extremely durable Melonite pins offer long life and corrosion resistance. Equipped with Ultra Xtreme Capacity Roller Booms, the high-capacity forklift offers an excellent alternative to small cranes. A ductile steel manifold provides smooth operation under high pressure.

Powering the XR2450‑D is a Cummins 4.5L 173 hp (Tier 4F) with a Dana T32000 transmission. With a fuel capacity of 72 gallons, this lift can power through to get the job done. The axles are a Kessler 82.8416.3 for enhanced stability, the rear axle stabilization engages an automatic lock function when lifting. The system disengages while driving for full tire contact ensuring better traction. The steering capabilities are 4‑wheel circle, crab, and 2‑wheel front. With a ground clearance of 15 in and a wheelbase of 148 in, it can maneuver in tight spaces with a turning radius of 5.12 m (16.8 ft).

The cabin has 360° visibility and easy maintenance access with a durable all-steel construction frame. The operator seat can be adjusted four (4) ways: weight suspension, height, fore and aft, and backrest angle. The controls are intuitive and ergonomic allowing the operator to work comfortably. For safety, this machine comes with front and back cameras which automatically display when in gear.

If you are interested in learning more about the Xtreme XR2450-D, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.