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Zoomlion HCC80

The Zoomlion HCC80 is the smallest crawler model by Zoomlion. The maximum lift capacity for the HCC80 is 80 tons (88 U.S. tons), the main boom has a lattice structure and enforced with high-strength steel pipes which extends 57m (187 feet), and the jib length reaches out to 18m (59 feet).

The crane engine has a Cummins diesel engine, an in-line six-cylinder turbocharged water-cooled engine. The fuel tank holds 300L, which ensures a sufficiently long working time. The hydraulic system adopts one of the world’s most advanced pump control system, to save energy, ensure high efficiency, high reliability, long service life, and oil tank holds up to 700L

The main hoisting mechanism of the HCC80 is dual-speed, offering two different hoisting speeds to improve operational efficiency. The derricking mechanism has a ratchet auto-locking protection device, which prevents the derricking winch from slipping after being parked for long periods of time

The traveling mechanism is a dual-motor and dual-reducer type. With two control handles for respective control of the two crawlers’ movement, this traveling mechanism can perform straight line traveling, unilateral steering, differential steering, pivotal steering, driving with load, etc., thus offering a high level of maneuverability and flexibility, including allowing it to move up to 30% grade terrain

Safety is important and the Zoomlion HCC80 is built with that in mind. Built in is a LCD monitor which displays real time information while in use. A tri-color warning light indicates different levels of safety synchronously signaling the current overload status. If and when the crane exceeds the hoist or load the limit switch signals the electrical system to automatically stop. The HCC80 also comes with an anemometer to help indicate wind speeds alerting workers of potentially dangerous working conditions. The operator’s cab is made entirely of steel, is surrounded by reinforced glass on all four sides, allowing a broad field of vision, and has a spacious and comfortable interior.​


Maximum Lift Capacity 88 tons
Maximum Boom Length 187 feet
Maximum Jib Length 59 feet

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