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Zoomlion QUY180

The Zoomlion QUY180 has two different booms, a heavy duty boom that reaches 83m (272 ft.) and light duty boom that extends 92m (301 ft.). The boom system is based on a truss-type structure and made with imported high strength tubing, with anchoring rods that are made of imported high strength plates. The QUY180 also comes with two jibs, the fixed fly jib extends up to 31m (101 ft), with a maximum lifting capacity of 25 metric tons (27 U.S. tons). The luffing fly jib reaches out 51m (167 ft.) and can lift up to 38 metric tons (41 U.S. tons). The maximum lifting capacity of the Zoomlion QUY180 is 200 tons.

The luffing mechanism, primary and secondary mechanisms use wire ropes that are completely non-rotating and anti-twisting wire ropes, imported from Germany. Both primary and secondary lifting mechanisms are dual speed, offering two different lifting speeds to improve operational efficiency, the luffing mechanism can be controlled independently of other mechanisms.

The counterweight and counterweight loading/unloading mechanism for the crane allows for self-mounting and dismounting of the counterweight, improving the crane’s utility and reducing the risks involved in manual installation.

The ergonomically designed control room can rotate 90° from the side of the rotating platform to the front of the rotating platform and be fixed using locating pins. Designed with the driver in mind, when lifting objects to high heights, the control room can luff upwards by 20°, improving the driver’s field of vision. Zoomlion QUY180 adopts multiple types of safety and alarm devices, including mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic, to ensure safe operation of the machine. The working boom limiting position alarm and protection system has a load moment limiter and limit switch for dual-level control, enabling automatic termination of luffing movements of the boom’s limited elevation angle position. In case of emergency, there’s an emergency stop button to switch off the engine and stop all operations. ​


Maximum Lift Capacity 200 ton
Maximum Boom Length 301 feet
Maximum Jib Length 101 feet

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