Zoomlion QUY200

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 220 US Tons
Boom 66-272
Fixed Jib 39-98

Zoomlion QUY200 Crane Overview and Specifications

The Zoomlion QUY200 is a hydraulic crane with a main boom length of 83m (272 ft.). The boom is based on a truss-type structure with anchoring rods made of imported high strength plates. The QUY200 also comes with two jibs, a fixed fly jib that extends up to 30m (98 ft.) and a maximum lifting capacity of 32 metric tons (35 U.S. tons). The luffing fly jib reaches out 51m (167 ft.) and has a lift capacity of 55 metric tons (60 U.S. tons). Booms and jibs have optional additional adjustable sections.

The Zoomlion QUY200 is a hydraulic crane, the hydraulic system employs one of the world’s most advanced pump control systems and load sensitive systems; imported products are used for all major components to save energy, ensure high efficiency, high reliability, and long service life. An original imported VOLVO electronic injection diesel with a large-volume 700L tank is used to ensure long operation hours. The German-imported Beka centralized lubrication system is incorporated to insure the service life of the whole vehicle. The crane comes with CAN bus technology, which connects the engine, PLC controller and digital display together with fault detection and self-diagnosis functions.

The outrigger jack-up mechanism serves as the primary load carrying mechanism during the crawler self-mounting and dismounting process. It lifts and installs the crawler assembly through the mast and mast jack-up mechanism. When no auxiliary lifting equipment is available, the outrigger jack-up and crawler self-mounting and dismounting mechanism can independently mount and dismount the crawler assembly, thereby improving operational efficiency, reducing manual work, and avoiding the risks involved in manual control.

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