Zoomlion QUY450

Crawler Crane Information

Max Cap 496 US Tons
Boom 413 ft
Luffing Jib Available

Zoomlion QUY450 Crane Overview and Specifications

The QUY450 is a hydraulic crawler crane comes equipped with two operating modes, standard and Superlift. In standard mode the QUY450 has a maximum lifting capacity of 400 metric tons (440 U.S. tons), while in Superlift mode the lifting capacity is 450 metric tons (496 U.S. tons). The length of the heavy duty boom is 84m (275 ft.) in both standard and Superlift mode. However the light duty boom extends to 102m (334 ft.) in standard mode and in Superlift mode it reaches out to 126m (413 ft.). The boom system is based on a truss-type structure and made with imported high strength tubing. This Zoomlion crawler uses two jibs, the fixed jib extends up to 36m (118 ft.) and a luffing jib that extends up to 84m (232 ft). The booms and jibs have the option of additional adjustable sections.

An original imported BENZ electronic injection diesel engine with a large-volume 700L fuel tank powers the Zoomlion QUY450, which also comes with a CANBUS interface. The crawler tensioning is controlled by a standalone pump station, making adjustment fast, easy and reliable. Three sets of centralized lubrication systems are used to reduce the wear and tear on parts and components which makes maintenance easier. The hydraulic system employs one of the world’s most advanced pump control systems to help save energy and ensure high efficiency, high reliability, and long service life.

Zoomlion QUY450 was built with safety of the machinery and people in mind, the crane uses multiple types of safety and alarm devices, including mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic to ensure safe operation of the machine.

If you are interested in learning more about the Zoomlion QUY450, please contact one of Bigge’s sales professionals at 1 (888) 897-2444.