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Largest and Youngest Alimak Fleet in the US

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Bigge operates one of the largest construction hoist fleets in the nation. Our fleet is among the youngest in service, and of the best in class. Alimak SCANDO 650 is our flagship; available in single, dual, and high-speed configurations.

These next generation hoist cars are easier to install and operate than many of their predecessors. They offer greater safety, reliability, and flexibility for passengers and materials on your job site. Bigge also offers the Alimak SCANDO 450 hoist, typically designed  for personnel only, and the Hercules brand, available in various sizes and configurations.

Since 1916, Bigge has been a leader in providing equipment and services for complex building projects while meeting the highest standards for safety and innovation.

Take advantage of Bigge’s turnkey offerings, which includes installation and removal of cars, docks, ramps, and communication boxes. Members of our staff include factory trained technicians and licensed engineers, with quick access to spare parts throughout the country, minimizing downtime.

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Mfg / Model Max Cap (lb) Ft/Min Side Access Availability Availability
Alimak Scando 450 4,500 No Rent
Alimak Scando FC28/37 TD 6,200 No Rent
Alimak Alimak Scando 650 FC-S 7,100 No Rent
Hercules F7000 DHS-DLS 7,000 No Rent
Hercules F6000 DLS-DHS 6,000 Rent
Hercules F6000SLS 6,000 Rent
Hercules F7000SLS 7,000 No Rent
Alimak SCANDO 650 7,100 No Rent
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Out of Stock
Mfg / Model Max Cap (lb) Ft/Min Side Access Availability Availability

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