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Reachfork Rental

Bigge has a large inventory of reachforks from top brands, including Xtreme and Merlo with capacities ranging from 4 to 35 tons.

Bigge equipment is well maintained, certified, and ready for work. These forklifts are designed to manage different obstacles and scenarios, including side-lifting, placing loads in hard to reach spaces, small aisles and high shelves, and more. We have assembled a fleet of best in class cranes to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime, and fulfill the needs of even the most complex projects.

Our reachforks are available for Bare Rent throughout the U.S.

Mfg Model Max Cap Max Boom Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Availability
Merlo P 60.10 EE 7 18 Rent
Merlo P 40.17 4 41 Rent
Merlo P 50.18 HM 6 42 Rent
Merlo P 65.14 HM 7 28 Rent
Merlo P 120.10 HM 18 18 Rent
Merlo ROTO 40.30 4 83 Rent
Xtreme XR2042 10 42 Rent
Carelift ZB20044 10 44 Rent
Xtreme XR7038 35 38 Rent
Xtreme XR4030 20 30 Rent
Xtreme XR3034 15 34 Rent
Xtreme XR2450 12 50 Rent
Xtreme XR2034 10 34 Rent
Xtreme XR1642 8 42 Rent
Xtreme XR1534 7 34 Rent
Xtreme XR1270 6 70 Rent

For more information on areas served and other Bigge crane rental, heavy lift, heavy rigging, and heavy transportation services, please visit Bigge Locations page. For more information on rental rates, please request a quote on equipment you'd like to rent.