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Bigge operates one of the largest fleets of tower cranes in the country. Our fleet includes a wide variety of flat top, ​hammerhead, luffing, and self-erecting tower cranes. Bigge provides solutions for tower crane rentals, including turn-key erection, dismantle and operation.

Bigge's team of licensed professional engineers, estimators, and project managers are available to assist in all phases of the job from pre-construction to delivery. We work hard to eliminate downtime by maintaining a network of spare parts and factory trained technicians throughout the country.

Since 1916, Bigge has been a leader in providing equipment and services for complex building projects while meeting the highest standards for safety and innovation. Our growing fleet of over 200 tower cranes is handcrafted with the best models on the market to ensure that we have the right tower crane for any project.

We have recently added several new models to our fleet, including Potain MD 689 M40, Comedil CTT721-40 and CTT721-40B, which are now available for rent.

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Mfg / Model Max Cap Max Boom Max Jib Availability
Peiner SK 452-20 22 262 Rent
Comansa 21 LC 210 20 217 Rent
Potain MD 560 B M25 25 262 Rent
Potain MD 485 B M20 22 262 Rent
Comedil CTL 430-24 HD23 24 197 Rent
Comedil CTT 561A-24 HD23 24 275 Rent
Peiner SN 406 22 198 Rent
Peiner SK 405 20 244 Rent
Peiner SK 415 22 246 Rent
Comedil CTL 260-18 H20 20 180 Rent
Comedil CTL 340-24 HD23 27 197 Rent
Comedil CTL 400/A-24 HD23 26 197 Rent
Comedil CTT 561A-20 HD23 24 276 Rent
Potain MR 405 B H24 26 197 Rent
Potain MR 415 H24 26 197 Rent
Liebherr 550 HC 20 20 265 Rent
Comansa 21 LC 550 24t 24 262 Rent
Comansa 21 LC 660 24t 24 262 Rent
Comansa 21 LC 750 52t 24 262 Rent

For more information on areas served and other Bigge crane rental, heavy lift, heavy rigging, and heavy transportation services, please visit Bigge Locations page. For more information on rental rates, please request a quote on equipment you'd like to rent.