2011 Bigge 125D AFRD

Condition Used
Max Cap 7500 US Tons
Boom 560 ft
Fixed Jib N/A
Luffing Jib N/A
Location Houston, TX

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The Bigge 125D A‑Frame Ring Derrick AFRD” is an ultra-high capacity super crane with modular design and the capability to service multiple locations. These features make this crawler crane unparalleled flexibility in construction erection sequences, as well as managing construction schedules in real-time.

The maximum lifted load is 4,000 short tons (1 short ton=2000 lbs). The max. load moment (outreach radius) is 455,893 short tons at 275 ft/83.82 m & the max. load moment (centerline radius) is 960,173 short tons at 240 ft/73.15 m.

Equipped with a 560 ft twin lattice standard boom and 281 ft. twin lattice mast, the main boom min. operating radius is 100 ft from boom foot pins. The standard boom can range up to 27.7 acres of hook coverage but with the AUX hook configuration, it expands to 29.7 acres of hook coverage. The boom luffing speed is 5.0 FPM at max. Load. For safety, the boom is outfitted with (24) each 1500 watt metal halide lights for night operation.

The 360° polar railway diameter is 306’-9”, the inside rail diameter is 274’-9”. The slew ring rail is MRS 221 with an elastomeric rail pad. Based on the railway foundation site, the max. net ground bearing pressure is 4,000 PSF to 6,000 PSF.

Given the scope of the project, there are two hoist configurations that can be used, a 2 line hoist with reeving patterns ranging from 14 ropes — 30 ropes with a max lifting weight from 830 short tons — 2,005 short tons. Using a 4 line hoist with reeving patterns ranging from 28 ropes — 60 ropes with max lifting weight from 1,660 short tons — 4,000 short tons.

Equipped is an enclosed all-weather HVAC cab, and drive by wire” control method. The crane operates using diesel/​hydraulic and diesel/​electric power systems. The engine is a 3,450 HP diesel power system (167 GPH fuel consumption at full power, 21 GPH at idle), storing 5,300± gallons of diesel. Included are safety features like lightning protection/​collection program.

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