2024 Kobelco CK1100G-3

Perfect Fleet
Max Cap 110 US Tons
Condition New
Boom 150 ft
Fixed Jib N/A
Luffing Jib N/A
EQT # NSCC110241
Location Houston, TX

The Kobelco CK1100G is a hydraulic crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 110 U.S. tons, a maximum crane boom length of 150 ft and an 60 ft. The boom and jib attachments consist of welded lattice construction using tubular, high-tensile steel chords with pin connections between sections. Optional inserts and sheaves are available as well.

The CK1100G is equipped with a Hino J08E-UV series, inline 6 cylinder, water-cooled, with direct fuel injection, and a turbocharger. It puts out 285, with a fuel tank that holds 400 liters to ensure high efficiency and long working hours. The CK1100G has a hydraulic folding type gantry that is fitted with a sheave frame for boom reeving, providing full up and down positions with linkage. The CK1100G also features an eco-friendly operating mode called​“G Mode” that eliminates needless operations and engine functions for reduced fuel consumption.

The Kobelco CK1100G is reliable, is simple to maintain, and is easy to transport. The full-vision, all glass cab is totally enclosed. The auxiliary controls and instruments are mounted the side console for convenience. To ensure the crane is working to its full capabilities the crane has a Load Moment Indicator (LMI) integrated. The LMI gives the operator a full display of live essential data of the cranes operations.

For specific lengths and lifting capacity of the booms and jibs please reference the crane chart.

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