2023 Konecranes SMV 16-1200 C


Was $265,000

Max Cap 17.6 US Tons
Condition New
EQT # NSMFL16241
Location Houston, TX

The Konecranes SMV 16 – 1200 C is a high-performance, heavy-weight forklift known for its excellent maneuverability and highly sought-after stability. This hard-working forklift is capable of lifting an astounding 36,000 LBs at 4 feet to the load center. With a traveling speed of 19 mph, this crane can get from point to point fast, making moving any load quick and easy.

How Konecranes Can Boost Your Productivity

→ Impressive Load Center:

This machine is capable of lifting up to 36,000 lbs at 4 ft to the load center, where competitors max out at 2 or 3 ft.

→ Versatility Across Load Types:

Optimize versatility with a forklift that handles various loads, providing efficient management of all your diverse construction materials.

→ Operational Flexibility:

Maximize flexibility by using the forklift’s agility. While cranes manage vertical movements, this forklift seamlessly handles horizontal material transport, all without the set-up times.

→ Enhanced Project Efficiency:

Boost project efficiency with the forklift and crane’s seamless collaboration, streamlining both ground-level and elevated operations for quicker completion.

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