2020 Link-Belt TCC-2500


Perfect Fleet
Max Cap 250 US Tons
Condition Used
Boom 223 ft
EQT # TCC250598
Location Houston, TX
  • 43.7 – 223 ft (13.3 – 68 m) main boom with power pin & latch
  • Optional 12−40−67 ft three-piece fly with maximum tip height of 301ft.
  • Optional, two 25 ft (7.6m) lattice boom extensions
  • 351 ft (107m) maximum tip height with extensions
  • 8 boom modes for maximizing capacities
  • Lightweight nylon head sheaves reduce overall machine weight and increase lift capacities
  • Quick reeve boom head with quick reeve block allows rope to be easily reeved over boom head
  • Hammerhead boom nose allows operator to work at high boom angles
  • Greaseless wear pads
  • Standard equipped auxiliary sheave off main boom
  • Pick-and-carry the whole chart
  • 1°, 2°, 3° & 4° list chart selectable in RCL
  • Transports complete in 8 loads
  • Main unit transports 107,154 lbs (48 604 kg) with side frames removed
  • 7 overflow loads under 44,500 lbs (20 185 kg) each
  • Hook & Pin side frames with hydraulic pinning
  • Four wide-spread hydraulic jacks for easy side frame assembly/​disassembly
  • 1.6 mph (2.6 k/​hr) high speed travel
  • Fold-up catwalks

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