2021 Manitex 40124SHL

Condition New
Max Cap 40 US Tons
Boom 124 ft
Location Houston, TX

40 Ton (36.3 mt) Capacity

5‑Section 124’ (38,7 m) Proportional Boom

2‑Section Jib 30’6” (9,3 m) to 55’ (15,8m)

187’ (56,9 m) Maximum Tip Height with Extension

Self –Lubricating Boom Slider Pads

Continuous Rotation

Pilot Operated Controls with Optional Free Swing

Outrigger s Out and Down Style with Motion alarm and Monitoring System for Verification only

ROC Solid –Radio operated handheld controller for outrigger and Front Bumper Stabilizer

Externally Wired Anti-Two Block

Load Moment Indictor with Digital Display, CANbus, Overload Shutdown

Rugged, Weatherproof Electrical system with circuit Status LED’s

Tilting Cab with Heater, Windshield Cover, Upper Hatch Guard and Optional Air Conditioning, Video Cameras, Weather Band Radio

System Pressure Gage

Oil Cooler

Remote Winch Controls are Optional

10′ Steel Bed

Braden Winch — 500′ rope

Standard Mounting

Air Conditioning

ClockWise Pump for Automatic Transmission is Required

Hot shift PTO

35 ton 3‑Sheave Block for 1 – 6 part line

Hydraulic Reservoir Chassis Mount

Front Center Stabilizer

Mounting – Front Center Stabilizer

Aluminum Floats in lieu of Steel (4)


Radio Remotes Paddles No-Free Swing only (900 MHz) USA

Radio Remote Ready ‑Wiring Only

Remote Winch Control System Installation Main Winch

Remote Winch Control System Installation Main Winch & Aux Winch


24″ Steel Bulkhead


Steel Tool Box (24“L x 18“W x 18“H) Flatbed Mount

Aluminum Tool Box (36″ X 24″ X 24″) Chassis Mount

2‑speed Hoist w/​Grooved Drum & Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator

7 Ton (6,4 mt) Hook and Ball

2 Upper and 3 Lower-Load Sheave Quick Reeve Boom Head

External-Wired Anti-Two Block w/​Lockout

Boom Hoist Cylinder

System Pressure Gauge

360° Area of Operation

Continuous Rotation


Engine Monitoring System

Engine Start/​Stop

Operator’s Service/​Parts Manuals

Boom Length and Angle Indicators

Electronic Throttle

Foot Throttle

Free Swing

Signal Horn

380 (115.82M) 5/8″ (16mm) rotation Resistant Wire rope

Audible Outrigger Motion Alarm

115 Gallon (435.3 liter) Reservoir w/​Suction Strainer & Ball Valve

Outrigger Monitoring System for Verification Only

Turret, Rotation Bearing & Swing System

Load Moment Indicator-Audio/Visual Capacity Alert w/​Shutoff

4 Out-And-down Outriggers, 22′(6.71m) spread including

Capacities for Intermediate 13′4″ (4.05m) and retracted 7′2″ (2.18m) Spreads

Removable Boom Rest

2 Retractable Ladders for Easy Access to Bed

3‑Section Vane Pump-CCW Rotation-Std

Lower Frame for 10′ (3.05m) flatbed

Oil Cooler

Pilot Controls

Bubble Level

ROC solid radio remote outrigger controls & control valve for FBS

Location: Houston, TX

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