Perfect Fleet: Tadano GR-1300XL-4 Rough Terrain

Best in Class Transportability

The Tadano GR-1300XL‑4 can be transported from location to location in just two loads.

That might not seem unusual at first, but considering the strength of its chart, this crane does comparable lifts with one fewer load than a 160-ton RT.

With soaring fuel prices and increased freight costs, one less load moving down the road results in significant cost savings. How will you use this savings advantage over your competition?

If savings weren’t enough to catch your attention, the GR-1300XL‑4 travels without having to remove its outriggers, making transport quicker and easier for your team.

Check out this video of the Bigge team on a recent GR-1300XL‑4 load out. We think it’ll speak for itself.


Best in Class Fuel Efficiency

The Tadano GR-1300XL‑4 boasts impressive fuel efficiency compared to other cranes in the 130-ton class. With the addition of an automatic pump disconnect, Eco-Mode, Fuel Monitoring System, and the Positive Control, you will be on your way to measurable fuel savings.

See How the GR-1300XL‑4’s Fuel Features Stack Up

  • The pump disconnect feature automatically stops all operation of the crane’s hydraulic pump after a period of non-use, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption while idle.
  • Eco-Mode is used to control the maximum engine speed during operation. This functionality helps reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30%.
  • The Fuel Monitoring System displays the fuel consumption conditions of the GR-1300XL. The operator can use this feature to avoid wasteful accelerations and standbys.
  • With the Positive Control System, hydraulic pump discharge is kept to a minimum during operation and can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

Best in Class Intelligence

The GR-1300XL‑4 is the most intelligent and technologically advanced RT on today’s market. Its many features provide a competitive edge that no other 130-ton RT can match!

Take a look at these great features that help you be smarter on the job:

Smart Chart

Tadano’s Smart Chart Technology increases the crane’s capacity when lifting over the outriggers. This functionality lets the crane lift the same maximum load at a longer radius or a greater maximum load when within the circular radius.

Asymmetrical Outriggers

The Asymmetrical Outrigger system allows the GR-1300XL‑4 to be set up in locations other cranes can’t. Whether you’re next to an underground vault, up against a building, or within the confined space of a refinery, the AML-E2 (LMI system) will automatically determine the maximum working capacity for your exact outrigger positioning.

View System

The GR-1300XL‑4 has a three-camera network that covers your blind spots, ensuring safe driving and operations of the crane.


Available for Sale

These cranes aren’t going to be around long. Check out our available GR-1300XL-4s below and get in touch so we can get you started on this best-in-class RT!