Bigge Adds New Storage Facility on Treasure Island

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Bigge has introduced a new RSH (Receive, Store and Haul) facility to further support our customers in Northern California. This one comes with a historical twist as well. Treasure Island is an artificial land mass situated midway between Oakland and San Francisco, built for the 1939 World’s Fair. It served as a military facility during World War II, supporting helicopters, fixed-wing planes, seaplanes, blimps, dirigibles, and airships. During that time, Bigge was hired to perform crane work around the island, including inside the massive hangars. Since August, 2022, we’ve developed a storage facility inside Hangar 2, consisting of 20,000 square feet of fenced, concrete floor space. The high ceiling contributes to the space’s high capacity, where we can use telehandlers and forklifts to transload all types of components for our customers. The proximity of the facility to San Francisco and Oakland makes it especially attractive to projects in the city, the peninsula, and the East Bay, as well as the potential to serve our customers contributing to the surge of new construction on the island itself.

TI Exterior 01 RSH TI 9130 TI 1940 1522