High Water Mark for Crawler Utilization

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Among the many things we take pride in, Bigge is known throughout industry circles for our robust fleet of crawler cranes. Not only do we own the most Liebherr LR 1300s, but our fleet also boasts the most 300-ton class crawlers in the entire US. These cranes have a variety of uses — tilt-up panels, wind turbines, HVAC. We’ve been part of a significant number of jobs for steel erection in Northern California, work that sits directly in the LR 1300’s sweet spot. These cranes are known for their reliability and the flexibility of their configuration. With a maximum boom of 393 feet and a maximum jib length of 371 feet sitting on a solid crawler base, the LR 1300 is suitable for a wide range of jobs. Clearly, Bigge and Liebherr have enjoyed a strong partnership over the years. And it’s one that will continue to thrive as we’ve committed to taking delivery of several new crawlers in the upcoming year.

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