Bigge Helps Renovate Stanford University

Cranes at Work |

Bigge was recently involved in renovating an over 100-year-old building at Stanford University.

We were contacted by the contractor to lift 3 mini excavators out of the building. This request presented a unique challenge, as it would require cutting the access that was being used to keep the project moving forward on schedule.

Bigge Helps Stanford 1 Bigge Helps Stanford 2

After considering the weight of the excavators (11,700 lbs.), the limited headroom, and the high level of care involved in working on a historical building, we decided that the best piece of equipment to use was our Link-Belt HTC8675. The Link-Belt offered the necessary capacity, and the ability to scope the boom in with the load to get the excavators clear of the building, where we could swing and set them to the ground. 

We were able to do the job as planned and on schedule without any incidents.