Bigge Lifts HVAC in Houston, TX

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In Houston, Bigge recently performed a 1,363 lb. HVAC lift for an apartment complex. The customer initially explored other options but quickly enlisted our services when we were able to offer a better solution at a better price.

To lift the HVAC equipment up the required five stories, Bigge utilized a Grove TMS9000E. The Grove was at 52.2% of its rated capacity and was equipped with 9,000 lbs. of counterweight with 142.3’ of main boom and 56’ of jib at a 40° offset.

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By using AutoCAD, we were able to show the customer specifically where we could position the crane to stay 10’ away from the power lines (as instructed by Houston’s energy provider, CenterPoint Energy) and safely perform the lift. An electronic/​laser tape measure was used to get precise height measurements of the power lines. The customer obtained a street closure permit from the City of Houston, and hired a company to shut down the street and control traffic. Spotters constantly monitored the power lines during crane operations. The apartment staff cleared the building of all residents whose rooms were below the crane operations.