Bigge Lifts Rodeo Pedestrian Bridge with King

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In March 2021, Bigge, supported by King Crane Service, assisted in lifting and installing a pedestrian bridge in Rodeo, California, enabling foot traffic along the San Francisco Bay Trail over a protected wetland.

This lift marked the culmination of Bigge’s year-long involvement in the project.

In collaboration with the customer, Bigge contributed to the civil engineering process, helping design the crane pads and the paths used to transport equipment to and from the job site.

The bridge was delivered to the site in four sections.

Prior to the final lift, Bigge used an All Terrain crane our Northern California fleet to splice these components together, creating the two halves that would span the wetlands.

They were rigged on one bank to a Liebherr LTM 1400 and to King Crane’s Grove GMK 6350 on the other.

The two halves were suspended for nearly six hours as crews from the GC and Bigge worked together to join the two sections.

Bigge’s Link-Belt HTC-86100 Hydraulic Truck Crane assisted in the final process, supporting a man basket carrying two ironworkers.

Once fully spliced and securely positioned on its abutments, the bridge was secured to its anchors.

Bigge is proud to have been involved in a public project to enhance and improve the Bay Trail, and we look forward to working on more projects of this nature.

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Rodeo Bridge