Bigge Sets Façade Panels In San Francisco

Cranes at Work |

Bigge recently rented a crane to Walters and Wolf for a new building, The Exchange, in San Francisco. Walters and Wolf has worked with us before, and keeps working with Bigge because of our high safety ratings and specialized equipment. A Liebherr LR 1300 SX was instrumental in helping The Exchange develop its contemporary look, allowing builders to set precast façade panels with brick on the face of the panels.

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The Exchange will feature offices for life sciences and other businesses with large, spacious ceilings and floor plans. 

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The Exchange and its architecture is part of a revitalization project for the area of 16th street and Owens in San Francisco. In addition to the LR1300, Bigge has a Comedil CTL340 on site with a hook height of 280 feet. The cranes will be at the project for 14 months.