Elevating America: Bigge's Liebherr LR 1750 Powers New Harbor Bridge Project in Texas

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Corpus Cristi New Harbor Bridge IMG 0250

A crucial infrastructure project

At the New Harbor Bridge project, which will span the Corpus Christi Ship Channel in Southern Texas, the customer needed a crane capable of hoisting heavy box girders to advance the construction. The challenge was to lift girders weighing over 100,000 pounds with precision and safety.

To meet this demanding requirement, Bigge selected the Liebherr LR 1750, an 800-ton capacity high-capacity crawler crane. Configured with 207 feet of main boom and 92 feet of luffing jib, the LR 1750 was ideally suited for this task. Its impressive lifting power and adaptability made it the perfect choice to support the long-term project of replacing the existing Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge, enabling larger vessels to access the port.

The deployment of the Liebherr LR 1750 on this project has been crucial in progressing the construction, showcasing Bigge’s ability to provide the right equipment for complex, heavy-lifting operations.


With over 100 years of experience in the heavy lifting industry, there is no better choice than Bigge.

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