Elevating America: Oakland Rooftop Rehabilitation at Laney College

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Laney College 2024
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Rooftop Challenges

When a contractor needed to service the roof of a 10-story building near downtown Oakland, they turned to Bigge for a solution. The project posed a significant challenge: removing debris and delivering new materials 150 feet above ground level at a community college building. The task required precision, reliability, and the ability to handle heavy loads at great heights. 

Bigge selected the Liebherr LTM 1220 All Terrain Crane from their Northern California fleet to meet this challenge. Their choice was based on the crane’s renowned performance, ensuring that the complex logistical needs of the project could be met efficiently and safely.

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Configured with 185 feet of main boom and 72 feet of jib, this crane was the ideal choice for the job. The crane’s impressive reach and load capacity allowed the operator and riggers to efficiently and steadily hoist loads, ensuring the project’s success. The Liebherr LTM 1220’s advanced engineering and versatility proved crucial in navigating the constraints of the urban environment, demonstrating why it is a cornerstone of Bigge’s Perfect Fleet®. This successful operation highlights Bigge’s commitment to providing the right equipment and expertise for even the most demanding projects. Their dedication to excellence and ability to handle such a challenging task underlines our reputation as a leader in the crane and rigging industry.


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