Elevating America: Towering Over Arcata California

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Arcata TC 7
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Modern Student Housing Development

Bigge was tasked with providing the necessary lifting equipment for the construction of a modern student residential facility at Cal Poly Humboldt in Arcata, CA. The project involves two buildings with staggered heights of five and seven stories, totaling 241 housing units. This complex construction required reliable and powerful cranes to ensure timely and efficient progress. Bigge’s commitment to innovation and precision in crane technology played a pivotal role in overcoming logistical challenges and ensuring the successful completion of this project.

Arcata TC 5

Recognizing the project’s needs

Bigge supplied the first of two Peiner SK 415 tower cranes and two Alimak hoists to further support the construction. The Peiner SK 415 tower crane, known for its impressive lifting capabilities, was the ideal choice for handling the project’s heavy lifting tasks. The Terex/​Peiner SK 415, with a maximum capacity of 44,000 pounds and a jib length of 196 feet (extendable to 263 feet), is a powerful and versatile crane perfectly suited for this project.

Arcata TC 1

Strategic Selection

The first tower crane was installed in November 2023, with the second scheduled for May 2024. Thanks to the strategic selection of the Peiner SK 415 and other equipment, the project remains on schedule, aiming for completion and occupancy by fall 2025.


With over 100 years of experience in the heavy lifting industry, there is no better choice than Bigge.

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