Link-Belt HTC86100 Sets Steel Components for a New Building

Cranes at Work |

From our Northern California fleet, a Link-Belt HTC86100 lifted and set steel columns and stairs for a new construction site in Contra Costa County. The Link-Belt HTC86100 is a 100-ton Hydraulic Truck crane that was outfitted with 140’ of main boom and 39,500lbs of counterweight to perform the lifts. Due to the physical space surrounding the job site, the crane’s reach and capacity fit perfectly for the logistics of the job as it was able to get in, perform the operation safely and then leave in a timely and safe fashion. Not all steel jobs are straightforward, nor are they all easy, but with over 100 years of experience and expertise, Bigge can perform all steel erection lifts no matter the job scale or job site. Whether you are at the beginning of your bid or the day the lift needs to be done, Bigge is there for you to assist in completing your projects.