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Bigge adds Ultra High Capacity Xtremes to the Fleet

Bigge’s ever growing fleet has added the newest telehandler from Xtreme Manufacturing, the 70,000 pound capacity XR7038. Unveiled at ConExpo in March, the XR7038 is one of the largest telehandlers on the market, and is now available for rent to Bigge’s customers. The Xtremes are immensely popular among Bigge’s clients and adds another level of flexibility in an already versatile equipment fleet.

The XR7038 telehandler has a rated lift capacity of 70,000 pounds, a maximum lift height of 38 feet 2 inches, and an operating weight of 115,000 pounds. Using a 300-horsepower, Tier 4-Final Cummins engine, the XR7038 is available in three cab configurations—open, closed with heat, closed with heat/air conditioning—and features an electronic engine monitor, heavy-duty boom rollers, and a rearview camera system. The XR7038’s standard fork-positioning carriage has forks that each weigh in excess of 2,000 pounds, and tires are foam-filled and 6.5 feet in diameter.

The XR7038 features a fork positioning carriage as standard and also comes equipped with a boom lift point, driver suspension seat, rear view camera, electronic engine monitor, and long-life boom rollers for smooth operation. 

To rent this machine or inquire about the Bigge rental fleet, please email or call 888-337-BIGGE.

Largest RT in the Industry Rolls Out for Bigge

Bigge recently took delivery of two 2014 Tadano GR1600XL-2 Rough Terrain cranes, adding to our already versatile Houston fleet. The GR1600XL-2 is the largest capacity RT in production from any manufacturer and has the longest boom of any RT crane. Our strong relationship with Tadano America has enabled us to be one of the first operators to roll out this powerful, more efficient RT crane.


  • Massive 160 ton lift capacity
  • Six section 200 foot telescoping boom
  • Two-stage, hydraulic offset jib reaching up to 59 feet
  • Self-Removable Counterweight
  • Tilt cab and operator friendly controls

These are only the first of the GR1600XL-2 cranes Bigge will take delivery. They are available for rent from our operation in Houston, TX.

To find out more about our new GR1600XL-2 or other top brand names in our fleet, contact a representative at our operation in Houston, TX at 713-434-0995 or

Bigge Beats Deadline to Deliver Heavy Load

When two Heat Exhangers staged at the Port of Los Angeles were required at a Northern California refinery, Bigge was able to deliver ahead of schedule. Bigge received a call mid-afternoon Friday, and thanks to our fast turnaround capabilities, we were able to dispatch two lowbed transporters; one 5 axle and one 9 axle to pick up the two modules, one weighing approximately 80,000 pounds and the other coming in at over 120,000. Once loaded, our dedicated team drove directly to the San Francisco Bay Area and arrived just after sunrise Tuesday morning. Bigge crews received the modules at their destination, and used an all terrain crane to offload and set them.

To find out more about our variety of heavy transportation and rigging capabilities, or to speak with a Bigge representative about quick turnaround projects, contact Bigge at 888-337-BIGGE or

Bigge Pulls Off Tight Quarters Lift

San Francisco is known for its narrow, winding streets and high-rise buildings, all of which can be an extra challenge for our competitors. This is not the case for Bigge. This specific job, based in the heart of San Francisco, CA required 30 electrical and cooling modules to be set atop a 150-foot building. Bigge rigged in one of our Liebherr LTM1220, 265-ton capacity all-terrain cranes and set it up in an adjoining alley. With only a couple of feet on either side of the crane base and even less clearance for tail swing , Bigge sent the boom equipped with 95’ of offset jib, scaling well over 250' above the San Francisco streets to lift each piece.

The crane was set up with 197' feet of boom and a 95' fixed jib at a 45 degree offset.  A standard counterweight of 163,000 pounds was also applied.  In only two days, Bigge made 30 lifts, with pieces weighing between 4,000 and 10,000 pounds.  Although Bigge came across unforeseen hurdles, Bigge’s versatile fleet and operator’s expertise enabled Bigge to complete this project without a glitch.

To find out more about our versatile fleet, visit us at,contact us at 888-337-2444 or email us at

Bigge Tower Crane on a High Rise in Long Beach

In Long Beach California, Bigge is assisting in building the first high rise apartment complex in Long Beach in over a decade. When finished, the beautiful oceanfront complex will sky 17 stories, offer 223 units, and offer over 30,000 sq. ft. of ground level retail and plaza space.

Bigge erected one of our many Terex Comedil CTT561 Flat Top tower cranes,  with a height under hook of  189’ and  197’ of hook reach, along with one of our more than 120 man and material hoists, to lay the framework for this new  structure. Construction on the project is expected to take just over a year and the complex is expected to open in 2016. Our CTT561 is being maintained by Bigge’s rapidly growing Los Angeles, CA location and operated by one of our many highly experienced operators. 

To find out more about our increasing LA fleet or to speak with a Bigge representative, contact Bigge LA at 714-670-9525 or

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