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Come See Bigge at ConExpo 2014 March 4-8 in Las Vegas

Bigge will have an expanded presence at this year's CONEXPO. As the world's largest Terex crane dealer, we will of course have our representatives at the Terex crane booth, but this year Bigge will also have representatives at Kobelco and Xtreme Manufacturing booths as well. In fact, look for Bigge Machinery at Kobelco, Grove, Manitowoc, Tadano, Broderson and the Xtreme Manufacturing locations.

Bigge has the largest inventory of new 2013 and 2014 Terex cranes and will have exclusive show pricing on Terex's entire line of cranes. Reps will also be on hand to offer CONEXPO-only deals on all Kobelco North America crawlers. Bigge has years of experience with both domestic and international shipping as well as some of the most innovative financing arrangements in the industry.

CONEXPO is one the world's largest crane and heavy machinery expositions. Held once every three years in Las Vegas, it encompasses over 2000 exhibitors showcasing new products and technologies from every major construction industry manufacturer including lifting, asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, mining, utilities and more. Taking over the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, and spreading way beyond it, Bigge can be found in the open air Gold and Silver lots; at the Terex Cranes North America booth, G-1047; Kobelco North America at G-2129; and Xtreme Manufacturing at S-4224. CONEXPO takes place from March 4-8, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bigge CONEXPO App- iPhone, iPad and Android

Download the Bigge CONEXPO app for all that is Bigge at CONEXPO 2014. The app will let you contact Bigge representatives as well as see where they are located throughout the show. It will also let you connect with Bigge on Twitter and Facebook to see the live updates happening daily from Bigge in Las Vegas. Bigge has a huge presence at this year's show, so don't miss out on your chance to stay connected, whether you're attending or not.

The app is currently available for Android users now and will go live for iPad and iPhone users on Monday, March 3rd. A reminder will go out then.

It's the BIGGEst CONEXPO yet!!!

Bigge takes a Yacht for a Ride

Here's Bigge moving a 721-ton yacht hull.

To begin the move, Bigge's crew placed 30 axle lines of Goldhofer transporters at four points beneath the cradle system we designed to support the yacht. The 721-ton hull was moved out of the facility and staged at the loading position on the dock. Bigge had pre-staged ramps at the dock face in preparation for loading the hull onto the barge.

Once loaded on the barge, the hull was transported approximately two nautical miles downriver to a second Marine facility. In the picture above, the second Goldhofer from the bow has the power pack decked in order to provide clearance into the second Marine facility.

Loading and offloading the yacht onto & off of the barge was a coordinated effort between Bigge and the Marine Contractor. It consisted of waiting for the correct tide cycles to ballast the barge with freshwater in combination with 250 tons of ballast on the deck of the barge. During the loading & offloading process a portion of the deck ballast was being moved with a forklift while the freshwater ballast was moved to different tanks in order to keep the barge deck level with the dock. The timing of this process was extremely important.

Bigge completed the job on schedule and safely. For more information on this job, or to get pricing for your own job, contact Bigge at 888-337-BIGGE or

Towering Over Texas

Bigge provided one of our 22-ton Comedil 561-24 Tower Cranes to assist in the demolition of this 20-story building. The building housed office space, but has been slated to be taken down and replaced.

To take the structure apart, rather than utilizing explosives for the demolition, the General Contractor will be cutting the building down piece by piece, which our Comedil will be removing. The weights of these pieces vary, but the heaviest pick will be 18,000 lbs.

The Comedil will be there for seven months, the duration of the project, lifting and bringing down these irregularly shaped pieces.

Bigge has a verstatile fleet of cranes with which it serves the Gulf Coast region: Tower, Crawler, All-Terrain, Rough Terrain and Hydraulic Truck cranes, all for bare lease or operated and maintained service. Contact Bigge to find out more at 888-337-BIGGE or

Bigge Builds Dreams

Bigge has provided two tower cranes for the ongoing construction of a new theme park.

So far we have erected one of our Peiner SK575 Tower Cranes, which will be hoisting steel for 17 months. Soon we will have one of our Peiner SK415s erected as well, which will be hoisting on site for 12 months. Both cranes will be operated and maintained for their respective durations.

To erect the tower cranes we used one of our Link-Belt HC278s with 280' boom and 30' jib., Bigge will also be supplying a Liebherr LR1300SX for 55 days to erect steel.

To find out more or to speak with a Bigge representative, contact us at 888-337-BIGGE or

Bigge Barges onto the Water Ways

This 900-ton derrick barge hull was launched by Bigge.

It was a very complex launch that involved moving the barge out of the fab shop on 20 axle lines of Goldhofer SLE's and eight dollies down the launch ramp, where the Goldhofers were then removed at the mud line edge. From there, the stern was transferred to launch carts. We then "winched" the barge further down the ramp using three winch trucks set up with a lot of innovative rigging. We jacked up the hull, removed the dollies, and transferred the load to a bow launch cart that ran on eight Bigge Hilman rollers.

Then the barge was "winched" down the ramp to a position where the stern would float off at a 9' tide. From that position a tug was attached to the stern and using the tug pulling and the winch trucks to control the barge it was moved further down the ramp on the bow cart until the hull floated at a 12' tide. The entire operation was based on tide cycles, done so that the hull would not float prematurely.

This job was very challenging, complicated, and took a lot of detailed planning, led by Bigge. It was a lot of fun to develop the launch solution and implement it as planned. Everything went very smoothly and the project manager and crew kept operations right on schedule while executing the work safely and without any incidents.

For information on this job, or to get a quote for an upcoming job, contact Bigge at 888-337-BIGGE or

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