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Bigge Takes Delivery of the First Manitowoc MLC650C

Bigge has added the innovative Manitowoc MLC650 to the industry’s best crane fleet. The Manitowoc MLC650, with the new VPC (Variable Position Counterweight), has the strongest load chart in its class and an array of versatile features. With a main boom length of 341 feet and a maximum capacity of 716 US Tons in lift crane and 771 tons in VPC Max, the MLC650 can travel, swing, and hoist counter rotate with full rated capacity.

Some of the MLC650’s main benefits are:
Minimal Ground Preparation
Smaller Footprint
Increased Job Site Mobility
Configuration Flexibility
Transport Cost Savings

The MLC650 was designed to be transported globally by optimizing component weights and dimensions. Bigge is excited to add this best in class lattice-boom crawler to the industry’s most trusted crane company.

To find out more about the MLC650 or inquire about renting, click here, or contact a sales rep at 303-905-8435 or today.


Bigge Lifts Major Glass Manufacturer for Winery

Bigge Crane and Rigging recently lifted three steel frame structures at a glass manufacturing plant owned by a major northern California winery. One piece (pictured in the photo) was 91’ long, 22’ wide, and 30’ high, weighing 100,000 pounds. The job site requirements were difficult. There was adequate space in the work area, however, we were limited to where we could place the crane due to underground tunnels.

The Liebherr LR1300 (134‘ main boom, 105’ luffing jib) was the perfect crane for this job due to its capacity, mobility, and footprint. By using the luffing jib, we were able to work at a minimum radius to 37 feet. We still had the capability of making a lift at a 95 ft. radius while keeping the boom tip height at a minimum, which was due to an airport in the immediate vicinity of the work site.

By using the crawler crane over a large all-terrain crane, we were able to reduce the job time to one day rather than three, which allowed the glass plant to keep operating.

To inquire more about Bigge’s rental fleet, please call 888-337-BIGGE or email


Bigge Helps Repair USNS Montford Point

Bigge recently provided a Manitowoc 16000 S-3 with 452,000 pounds of counterweight to repair the Vehicle Transfer Ramp for the USNS Montford Point. The USNS Montford Point is the first ship of her class of Mobile Landing Platforms. Named in honor of African American Marine Corps recruits, the Montford Point was christened in March 2013.

The Navy wanted an operational test of the repairs while the ship was still at dock. The work consisted of hoisting half of the Vehicle Transfer Ramp 10-20 feet above the support bench at a 6 degree angle. The VTR then traveled 110 feet forward of the stowage and then back to the resting position. The walking speed of the Manitowoc had to sync with the speed of the motor that assisted with pulling the VTR in each direction. In order to perform the job, the Manitowoc 16000 was configured with 98.4 feet of main boom, and 98.4 feet of Luffing Jib.

To inquire more about Bigge’s rental fleet, please call 888-337-BIGGE or email


Bigge Makes Tight Lift in Downtown SF

Bigge was once again in tight quarters in downtown San Francisco, as these challenging lifts have become yet another Bigge trademark. On Washington Street, in the Financial District, with the Transamerica Builiding looming in the background, Bigge used a Demag AC500 with 220,500 lbs of counterweight and 140 foot boom and 256 feet of jib to lift a 22,000 lb generator off the roof of a 40 story skyscraper. Bigge not only had to deal with the tight SF streets, but the extra challenge was two pedestrian bridges that cross over Washington Street. Of course, our engineers executed a great lift plan and the job was completed safely, efficiently and on time.

Bigge will be back on site and the end of this month with an LR1300sx to install a new generator. So if you’re in San Francisco, and want to see an amazing lift, stop by Washington Street in the financial district.

To inquire more about Bigge’s rental fleet, please call 888-337-BIGGE or email

Bigge Builds and Sets Pedestrian Bridge

With the help from our top rated iron workers, Bigge has rigged, connected, built and placed a pedestrian bridge in Los Gatos, CA. Using a Linkbelt HTC-3140, a 40 ton hydraulic truck crane with 120’ of boom, Bigge lifted the bridge in two sections off our rigs. Using a generator and an electric impact, the iron workers then connected and built the bridge which has over 70 bolts. Then the Link-Belt lifted the 80’, 23,000 lb bridge over and across the water where it was set in place by the iron workers.

The bridge will be used by golfers on La Rinconada golf course as well as public trail walkers on a beautiful stretch of river through Los Gatos. Bigge was able to complete the whole job in less than a day, safely and efficiently.

To inquire more about Bigge’s rental fleet, please call 888-337-BIGGE or email

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