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On This Day in Bigge History

04011925 TankEKWoodLumber

Bigge Hauls for E.K. Wood Lumber Co.

Event Date: 12/17/1925

On this day (December 17) in 1925 Bigge hauled a tank for E K Wood Lumber Company. The E.K Wood Lumber Yard opened in 1905 and was the largest and most complete lumber yard in the area. The company had a fleet of vessels hauling lumber up and down the coast, docks in Oakland and San Pedro, and other yards and mills in Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco and more.

05261930 StormDrain

Bigge Rigs and Installs Storm Drain

Event Date: 5/26/1930

On this day (May 26) in 1930, Bigge rigged and installed a 72" storm drain on Grand Avenue in Oakland, California. Built in the 1930s and ‘40s, Oakland’s storm drains carry excess water from rain, sprinklers and other water runoffs away from city streets and straight out to the ocean.

06171930 SmokeStackSouthernPacific

Bigge Hauls Smoke Stack for Southern Pacific Power House

Event Date: 6/17/1930

On this day (June 17) in 1930, Bigge hauled a smoke stack for Southern Pacific Power House in Oakland, California. The Power House was located on Fruitvale Avenue situated upon the San Antonio Estuary, about 3 miles from the business center of Oakland. The main station was designed for four turbine units with approximately 5,000kw of capacity. The smoke stack was 125 ft. above the boiler room floor and 14.5 ft. in diameter.

01011938 GirdersSFBayBridge

Bigge Hauls Girders for the San Francisco Bay Bridge

Event Date: 12/10/1933

On this day (December 10) in 1933 Bigge hauled girders for the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on July 9, 1933 when construction began on the longest bridge in the world at that time. It took three years and five months to complete the Bay Bridge. The final bridge cost was approximately $77 million, $6 million under the estimated cost.

07131935 OilTankStandardOil

Bigge Hauls Oil Tank for Standard Oil Company

Event Date: 7/13/1935

On this day (July 13) in 1935, Bigge hauled an oil tank for Standard Oil Company to a Duo Sol Solvent Extraction Plant in Richmond, CA. A Duo-Sol Plant completely eliminates the necessity of an acid treatment in oil production. The Plant was a joint venture of Bechtel and McCone.

07221936 GoldenGateGirders

Bigge Hauls Girders for the Golden Gate Bridge

Event Date: 7/22/1936

On this day (July 22) in 1936, Bigge hauled Golden Gate Bridge Girders from Pacific Coast Steel Corporation. The steel was originally manufactured in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania and then shipped by railcar to Philadelphia. The girders were then transported by barges through the Panama Canal and Golden Gate to San Francisco.

09011937 WaterSupplyLine

Bigge Hauls Water Supply Line

Event Date: 10/23/1937

On this day (October 23) in 1937 American Concrete Pipe Company contracted Bigge to haul and place a water supply line for the city of Atherton. Atherton originally was known as Fair Oaks, and was a flag stop on the California Coast for the Southern Pacific Railroad between San Francisco and San Jose for the convenience of the owners of large estates living north of Menlo Park. Atherton was incorporated on September 12, 1923.

11011937 ParkBoulevardBridge

Bigge Rigs Piping Under Park Boulevard

Event Date: 12/8/1937

On this day (December 8) in 1937 Bigge rigged the piping under the Park Boulevard Bridge in Oakland California. When it was built in 1926, it was the largest single-span bridge on the West Coast. The bridge became a City of Oakland landmark in 1980.

10071938 GunBarrelHaul

Bigge Moves Big Guns to Fort Cronkite

Event Date: 10/22/1938

On this day (October 22) in 1938 Bigge hauled the barrels of two 16-in. coast defense guns, weighing 150 ton apiece, across the mountains to Fort Cronkite. The moving of these guns was one of the heaviest truck operations ever performed in the San Francisco Bay area.

02181939 ItalianArtExhibit1

Bigge Hauls the Italian Art Exhibit to the World’s Fair

Event Date: 2/18/1939

On this day (February 18) in 1939, Bigge hauled the Italian Art Exhibit to the World’s Fair on San Francisco’s Treasure Island. The $40 million art exhibition was borrowed from the great museums of Europe, which was acclaimed as the finest collection ever displayed in the Western Hemisphere. Bigge also hoisted various exhibit pieces including a Diego Rivera Mural. This was San Francisco’s 3rd and last World’s Fair. The exposition closed September 29, 1940. 

09281939 AvonRefinery

Bigge Hauls for the Avon Refinery

Event Date: 9/28/1939

On this day (September 28) in 1939 Bigge hauled equipment for the Avon Refinery located in Avon, California. The refinery was first built in 1913 and has continuously expanded since. It is now knows as the Golden Eagle refinery and is owned by Tesoro Petroleum Co. The refinery refines oil into gasoline and other petroleum based products, and has a crude oil capacity of 166,000 barrels per day. It is the fourth largest refinery in California. 

03041940 Cyclotron Berkeley

Bigge Hauls Cyclotron for the University of California at Berkeley

Event Date: 3/4/1940

On this day (March 4) in 1940, Bigge hauled a 60-inch cyclotron for the University of California at Berkeley. The cyclotron was the largest in diameter and most powerful such instrument of its day. In World War II, the cyclotron created 8 artificial elements including plutonium. The cyclotron was decommissioned in 1965, but its core magnets were repurposed by the University of California at Davis for its new 76-inch cyclotron held at the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory.

05071937 ColgatePalmolive

Bigge Hauls Steel Tank & Pipe To Colgate-Palmolive Plant

Event Date: 5/7/1940

On this day (May 7) in 1940, Bigge hauled a steel tank and pipe to a Colgate-Palmolive Plant. Colgate-Palmolive was incorporated in 1937, and the first product that was introduced was Colgate Dental Cream. In 1949, they introduced Colgate toothpowder and toothbrushes. By 1950, Colgate-Palmolive had branched out to shaving cream and shampoo. Bigge is proud to be a part of Colgate-Polmolive’s beginnings as it became a household name. 

06041942 TransformerPGE

Bigge Hauls Transformer to Humboldt Bay Power Plant

Event Date: 6/4/1942

On this day (June 4) in 1942, Bigge hauled a 70 ton transformer from Southern Pacific Railroad in Selby, CA to a small steam plant fueled by lumber mill and logging waste. The site is now home to Pacific Gas and Electric’s Humboldt Bay Power Plant in Humboldt County, California. The Humboldt Bay Power Plant was conceived in the early 1950’s because the area demand for power was growing. The power plant consisted of three units, with all the units being decommissioned by 1983. Today, Unit 3 stores nuclear fuel, but does not operate.

11141942 RichmondShipyard

Bigge hauls ship propellers to the Richmond Shipyard

Event Date: 11/18/1942

On this day (November 18) in 1942 Bigge hauled ship propellers to the Richmond Shipyard in Richmond, California. There were 4 shipyards in Richmond during World War II. Each shipyard produced specific ships from big troop transports, Liberty ships and invasion ships.

01031943 JapaneseSubmarine

Bigge Hauls Captured Japanese Submarine

Event Date: 1/3/1943

On this day (January 3) in 1943 Bigge toured the United States hauling a captured 2 man Japanese submarine. The captured submarine, named HA-19, was mounted on a trailer and modified for public display. The submarine toured the United States from 1942-1945 as a promotion for war bond sales. Today the submarine is on public display at Pearl Harbor.

06091943 NavyBarges

Bigge Hauls 6 Navy Barges

Event Date: 6/9/1943

On this day (June 9) in 1943, Bigge hauled 6 Navy barges built by Independent Iron Works. Independent Iron Works was a steel fabricator founded in the 1920’s in Oakland, California. Other important contracts that Independent Iron Works was awarded included; girders for the James Lick Freeway in San Francisco, California, bridges along the Northern California Coast, and the Union Oil Building in Los Angeles, California

07281943 KaiserShipyard

Bigge Hauls Ship Sections to Kaiser Shipyard

Event Date: 7/28/1943

On this day (July 28) in 1943, Bigge hauled ship sections from Independent Iron Works to Kaiser Shipyard in Richmond, CA. More than 747 vessels were built here in the 4 Kaiser Shipyards during World War II. Kaiser Shipyards shut down at the end of the war. The Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park was dedicated October 25, 2000 on the site of one of the shipyards in Point Richmond.

08231943 USMaritimeCommission

Bigge Assists the U.S. Maritime Commission

Event Date: 8/23/1943

On this day (August 23) in 1943 Bigge began assisting in the construction of vessels for the U.S. Maritime Commission. In the picture a 50 Ton Clyde Crane is being erected for the construction of vessels. The weight of the cab being hoisted is 38 tons. From 1939 to 1943, the Maritime Commission increased production greatly, up from 28 ships delivered to 1,896 ships delivered respectively.

09301944 Hauling Navy Boat

Bigge Hauls Navy Boat

Event Date: 9/30/1944

On this day (September 30) in 1944, Bigge hauled a navy boat. It took a 40-ton rig to handle the haul to Pyramid Lake, California lasting 26.5 hours. The crew arrived at 9:30 AM that morning and had the boat in the water by 5:00 PM. It was an unusual trip, in which the vessel had to be rolled off the trailer once and carried through an underpass.

05211946 MayonaiseTank

Bigge Rigs a Mayonnaise Tank for Best Foods

Event Date: 5/21/1946

On this day (May 21) in 1946, Bigge rigged into place a Mayonnaise Tank for Best Foods. Best Foods acquired Richard Hellmann’s company in 1932, nearly 30-years after Hellman opened up his New York City delicatessen and began selling two distinctive mayonnaise recipes. To distinguish between the two recipes, a blue ribbon was designed to be placed on one, which ultimately became the Hellmann’s mayonnaise used throughout America.  

0929 1946 Emergency Veteran Housing

Bigge Hauls for Veterans

Event Date: 9/29/1946

On this day (September 29) in 1946, Bigge hauled emergency veteran housing. During the presidency of Harry S. Truman, the role of the federal govermnet in the field of housing was extended. Under the Emergency Housing Program, veterans were to receive preference for every dwelling unit constructed for sale or for rent.  

10121947 HarvardCyclotron

Bigge Installs Cyclotron at Harvard

Event Date: 12/12/1947

On this day (December 12) in 1947 Bigge helped install components of the cyclotron at Harvard University. The 650 ton magnet iron was 23 ft long, 15.5 ft high, asnd 10 ft wide. The magnet was moved in 14 separate sections. The magnet coils, each weighing 37 tons, of which 30 tons was copper, were wound in the General Electric coil winding shop. This phase of the project was completed in 1948.

10031948 DrivingPileExtractor

Bigge Drives a Pile Extractor at Anglo Bank in Oakland, California

Event Date: 10/3/1948

On this day (October 3) in 1948, Bigge helped remodel the Anglo California National Bank Building in Oakland, California. The building was originally a Beaux Arts derivative commercial building built in 1920-1921, and remodeled in 1947-1948. This building part of Oakland's rich collection of Morderne and Art Deco commercial buildings, a strong secondary theme downtown. This historic building is #10 on the list of District Contributors for the Downtown Oakland Historic District Registration Form.

10021949 Bigge Safety Award Dinner 1949

Bigge Holds a Safety Award Dinner

Event Date: 10/2/1949

On this day (October 2) in 1949, Bigge held a safety award dinner. Safety is Bigge's most important core value and an integral part of Bigge’s culture from the very beginning.

08261950 Barbecue Sponsor

Bigge Honors California State Highway Maintenance Employees

Event Date: 8/26/1950

On this day (August 26) in 1950 Bigge sponsors a barbecue honoring more than 150 California State Highway maintenance employees and highway patrolmen. The event took place in Bear Valley in Arnold, CA. Over 175 attendees enjoyed the barbecue at the picnic grounds located near Emigrant Gap.

09301950 Park Merced Tower

Bigge Helps Build Parkmerced, San Francisco

Event Date: 10/1/1950

On this day (October 1) in 1950, Bigge helped build Parkmerced, San Francisco. Parkmerced is a neighborhood in San Francisco, California, designed by architect Leonard Schultze and landscape architect Thomas Dolliver Church in the early 1940s. Parkmerced is the second-largest single-owner neighborhood of apartment blocks west of the Mississippi River after Park La Brea in Los Angeles. It was a planned neighborhood of high-rise apartment towers and low-rise garden apartments in southwestern San Francisco for middle-income tenants. The development was completed in the early 1950s and was a first home to many military families returning from the Second World War and the Korean War. 

10051958 Unloading Navy Jet

Bigge Unloads a Navy Jet

Event Date: 10/5/1958

On this day (October 5) in 1958, Bigge unloads a Navy jet at City Park for San Leandro, California. The city of San Leandro now has 23 parks and recreation facilities including community neighborhood parks, swimming pools and sports fields. 

10041959 Erecting Light Poles Candlestick Park

Bigge Erects Light Poles at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA

Event Date: 10/4/1959

On this day (October 4) in 1959, Bigge erected light poles at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. The stadium was originally built as the home of Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants, who played there from 1960 until moving into AT&T Park in 2000. It was also the home field of the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League from 1971 to 2013. The stadium was situated at Candlestick Point on the western shore of the San Francisco Bay. Due to its location next to the bay, strong winds often swirled down into the stadium, creating unusual playing conditions. At the time of its construction in the late 1950s, the stadium site was one of the few pieces of land available in the city that was suitable for a sports stadium and had space for the 10,000 parking spaces promised to the Giants. It was the first modern baseball stadium, as it was the first to be built entirely of reinforced concrete.

10081962  SF International Airport Hauling And Erecting Jet Ways For Pacific Iron  Steel Corp

Bigge Erects Jet Ways at San Francisco International Airport

Event Date: 10/8/1962

On this day (October 8) in 1962, Bigge erected jet ways for Pacific Iron & Steel Corporation at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). SFO is the largest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area including all of Northern California and the second busiest in California, after Los Angeles International Airport. In 2014, it was the seventh busiest in the United States and the twenty-first busiest airport in the world by passenger count. The airport houses the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum and Library.

01011965 Bigge Awarded Hauling Job

Bigge Drayage Co. Awarded Outstanding Hauling Job of the Year

Event Date: 1/1/1965

On this day (January 1) in 1965 Bigge Drayage Co. was awarded "Outstanding Hauling Job of the Year" at the Heavy Specialized Carriers Conference. The company's crane and rigging division had successfully erected some of the heaviest refinery vessels ever made in the same year. The heaviest vessel weighed over 560 tons.

10061965 BART Tracks 1965 Overhead Section Of Rapid Transit Railroad Near Concord

Bigge Erects Overhead Section for BART

Event Date: 10/6/1965

On this day (October 6) in 1965, Bigge erected an overhead section for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) near Concord, California. The rapid transit elevated and subway system connects San Francisco with cities in the East Bay and suburbs in northern San Mateo County. BART's rapid transit system operates five routes on 104 miles of line, with 44 stations in four counties. With an average of 423,120 weekday passengers and 126 million annual passengers in 2015, BART is the fifth-busiest heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States. 

11221968 BiggeLiftsJapanShiga

Bigge lifts Japan Air Shiga out of the San Francisco Bay

Event Date: 11/22/1968

On this day (November 22) in 1968, Bigge pulled Japan Air Shiga out of the San Francisco Bay after it missed its approach coming into the SFO airport. There were no injured passengers, but it was a race against time, tide and corrosion to lift the new aircraft out of the mud in one piece. The plane was repaired and continued to safely fly for 35 years until 2003, when the aircraft was retired.

01141970 BiggeWinsHaulingJobOfYear

Bigge Wins “Hauling Job of the Year”

Event Date: 1/14/1970

On this day (January 14) in 1970 Bigge won the "Hauling Job of the Year" award for transporting a 350 ton nuclear reactor in record time by water and land from Long Beach to the San Onofre Nuclear Power Station in Southern California. During its operation, the plant provided about 20% of the power to large portions of Southern California. The power station closed in 2013.

09231972 BiggeSt.LuciPowerPlant1

Bigge Hoists Steam Generator for St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant

Event Date: 9/23/1972

On this day (September 23) in 1972, Bigge hoisted a 550 ton steam generator using the Bigge lift frame and trolley assembly for the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in Florida. The twin nuclear power station is located on Hutchinson Island in St. Lucie County, Florida. Both units are combustion engineering pressurized water reactors. Unit 1 was commissioned on March 1, 1976 and Unit 2 June 10, 1983. The power plant received approval for extended operating licenses for the next 20 years in 2003.

02091978 BiggeHaulsforAntiochBridge

Bigge Hauls Girders for the Antioch Bridge

Event Date: 2/9/1978

On this day (February 9) in 1978, Bigge hauled 200,000 lb. girders for the Antioch Bridge in California. Originally built in 1926, the 1.8 mile bridge spans the San Joaquin River from the East Bay city of Antioch, California to the Sherman Island Wildlife Refuge in Sacramento County, California. The State Highway, California State Route 160, was closed for the February 9th haul all the way to the last pier on Sherman Island. The girders have a protective coating that greatly reduces the need for maintenance and painting.

06151978 OaklandMuseum

Bigge Transports Art for the Oakland Museum

Event Date: 6/15/1978

On this day (June 15) in 1978, Bigge transported over 800 irreplaceable art items for the Oakland Museum to their new warehouse at the Port of Oakland. The 96,000-square-foot warehouse near the Oakland Estuary now hosts the biggest White Elephant Sale in Northern California. In 2015, the sale raised a record 2.15 million to benefit the museum and in 2016, the sale raised over 2 million.

09061978 BiggeHauls4Locomotives

Bigge Moves 4 Locomotives After the Island Mountain Tunnel Fire

Event Date: 9/6/1978

On this day (September 6) in 1978, Bigge moved four marooned locomotives in Eureka, California following the Island Mountain Tunnel Fire. The fire stranded several locomotives and freight cars north of the tunnel as it caused half the tunnel to cave in with rock and debris. Reconstruction took longer than a year, and because of demand for diesel locomotives, the railroad decided to move the locomotives on flatbed trailer trucks. See archival video footage at the California State Railroad Museum Library Archives here: At more than 4,300 feet, The Island Mountain tunnel was the longest tunnel on the Northwestern Pacific Railroad.

01121979 BiggeHaulsPropaneTanks

Bigge Hauls Propane Tanks

Event Date: 1/12/1979

On this day (January 12) in 1979 Bigge was commissioned to transport ten propane tanks that weighed 175,000 lbs each from San Francisco to Elk Hills, CA. Bigge safely and successfully transported each tank using an 11-axle trailer combination. The job required 267 man hours in pre-planning, 1865 man hours to perform the job with a total distance traveled of 3,400 miles without incident. 

01201980 BiggeOpensLondon

Bigge Establishes Bigge Metropolitan

Event Date: 1/20/1980

On this day (January 20) in 1980 Bigge established Bigge Metropolitan, headquartered in London, England, to handle transportation and installation of heavy structural components in the North Sea Oil Industry.

04031987 BiggeHaulsSouthernPacific

Bigge Hauls Southern Pacific’s No.1269

Event Date: 4/3/1981

On this day (April 3) in 1981 Bigge hauled Southern Pacific's "No. 1269" switch locomotive, a 74 ton load, four miles for its upcoming restoration. The restoration was for Railfair 1981, the inaugural year of the fair. Railfair 1981 was held in Sacramento, California, celebrating railroads and railroading. The fairs have become distinguished by enormous displays of operating railroad equipment, interpretive exhibits and large theatrical railroad productions.

02201982 BiggeMontereyBayAquarium

Bigge Completes Its Work on the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Event Date: 2/20/1982

On this day (February 20) in 1982, Bigge completed its work on the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA two weeks ahead of schedule. The aquarium would officially open two years later to much fanfare. The aquarium project was originally funded by the David Packard Foundation and was one of the most advanced marine biology locations in the world. The aquarium currently pumps 2,000 US gallons of seawater per minute through more than 100 exhibit tanks housing over 600 species of plants and animals. 

Cypress Collapsed

Bigge Helps After Loma Prieta Earthquake

Event Date: 10/17/1989

On this day (October 17) in 1989 the Loma Prieta Earthquake occurred in Northern California. The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.9 and effects were felt from the San Francisco Peninsula and across the bay in Oakland. Bigge helped clear Interstate 880 which buckled and twisted to its limits before the support columns failed. Rebuilding the freeway took 11 years and completed in July 1997. 

06011997 BiggeSCRAGlomarExplorer

Bigge Wins “Rigging Job of the Year”

Event Date: 6/1/1997

On this day (June 1) in 1997, Bigge was awarded SC&RA Rigging Job of the Year for outfitting a CIA boat built by Howard Hughes for deep sea reconnaissance into a deep sea oil prospecting ship. The Glomar Explorer was outfitted using a combination of a Navy regunning structure and Bigge’s unique rod jacking system, creating a 1,600 ton capacity lifting system. The job had a tight deadline of 100 days and was completed on time.

08251997 Bigge Coliseum

Bigge Converts the Coliseum

Event Date: 8/25/1997

On this day (August 25) in 1997, Bigge converted Oakland Alameda County Coliseum from baseball to football, marking the start of an 18 year and counting partnership between Bigge and the Coliseum. Bigge is actively involved in what is known today as just the Oakland Coliseum, home of the Oakland A’s and Raider’s sports teams. During baseball and football season Bigge’s Cranes get to work quickly and perform the conversion arrangement in just a couple hours. You can see Bigge’s cranes parked outside the Coliseum during any baseball or football game. Watch our video of the coliseum conversion by visiting our Youtube Channel.

Scra 320x320 400x400

Bigge Wins Rigging Job of the Year

Event Date: 10/21/1997

On this day (June 1) in 1997, Bigge was awarded SC&RA Rigging Job of the Year for outfitting a CIA boat built by Howard Hughes for deep sea reconnaissance into a deep sea oil prospecting ship. The Glommar Explorer was outfitted using an ingenious combination of a Navy regunning structure and Bigge's unique rod jacking system, creating a 1600 ton capacity lifting system. The job had a tight deadline of 100 days, and was completed one day early.

San Jose Knight Ridder 01

Bigge Tops Off the Knight Ridder Building

Event Date: 12/21/1999

On this day (December 21) in 1999, Bigge topped off the Knight Ridder building with a pair of 27 ton signs on the 17 story office building in San Jose using a Manitowoc 2250. They were the largest signs ever hoisted in San Jose and had to be cantilevered off the top, due to FAA height restrictions, giving them the illusion they were floating off the building.

01292000 BiggeHotelMontgomery

Bigge Moves the Hotel Montgomery

Event Date: 1/29/2000

On this day (January 29) in 2000 Bigge moved the Hotel Montgomery, an 89 year old landmark building in San Jose, CA. At the time, it was the “heaviest building ever to be relocated intact on rubber tires.” The building weighed 4,355 tons and was shifted 57 m on self-propelled hydraulic trailers and supported by a grid of steel beams giving the whole load a total weight of approximately 6000 tons.

06242000 BiggeBarrickGoldMine

Bigge Wins “Rigging Job of the Year”

Event Date: 6/26/2000

On this day (June 26) in 2000, Bigge won the SC&RA Rigging Job of the Year for building a 600 ton lift system to build the Barrick Gold Mine complex in Nevada. The structure still stands and is in operation today.  The mines in Nevada have produced 1.05 million ounces of gold in 2015, and are expected to produce 975,000-1,075,000 ounces in 2016. 

04252003 SCRAGoldenAchievement

Brock Settlemier is Honored With the Golden Achievement Award

Event Date: 4/25/2003

On this day (April 25) in 2003, the SC&RA honored Brock Settlemier with its Golden Achievement Award for continued excellence and longevity in the Crane and Rigging Industry. They noted Mr. Settlemier as an industry pioneer for holding several patents and helping advance the industry around the world.

03262004 BiggeWestingHouse

Bigge Signs with Westinghouse Electric Company

Event Date: 3/26/2004

On this day (March 26) in 2004, Bigge signed an agreement with Westinghouse Electric Company for the development and execution of solutions to replace Reactor Vessel Closure Heads (RVCH) at nuclear power plants around the US. One of the solutions was the creation of Bigge’s Super Heavy Lift Crane, the AFRD. The AFRD is the world’s largest capacity, land-based, rotating crane and the only machine capable of making every super lift on a twin-unit nuclear power plant site from a single location. This launched Bigge as a leader in the lifting and hauling industry among nuclear plants, a position we are proud to occupy today.

050122004 BrockSellsBigge

Brock Settlemier Sells Bigge to Weston and Reid Settlemier

Event Date: 5/12/2004

On this day (May 12) in 2004, Brock Settlemier, CEO of the Bigge Group, sold the company to his two sons, Weston J. Settlemier and Reid Settlemier. After 46 years in the crane and rigging business, Brock also announced his retirement as CEO. Brock began working at Bigge in 1958 and purchased the company from his father-in-law, Henry W. Bigge, in 1980.

09182005 BiggeOaklandAirport

Bigge Assists Crews at the Oakland Airport

Event Date: 9/18/2005

On this day (September 18) in 2005, Bigge assisted crews at Oakland airport by hoisting 50,000 gallon tanks that needed emergency replacement. Each tank weighed 120,000 lbs and Bigge was able hoist them in less than two hours avoiding leakage and lost revenue. 

09272005 BiggeExpandstoRichmond

Bigge Expands to Richmond, Virginia

Event Date: 9/27/2005

On this day (September 27) in 2005, Bigge announced the purchase of American Heavy Rigging and Hauling Co. of Richmond, VA. The expansion in Virginia continues to solidify Bigge's position as a premier provider of non-crane heavy rigging and transportation solutions in the eastern United States under turnkey performance contracts and O&M rentals.

01162006 BiggeLiftsBayBridge

Bigge Works on Bay Bridge

Event Date: 1/16/2006

On this day (January 16) in 2006, Bigge began work on the new span of the Bay Bridge. Using four strand jacks, Bigge engineered a precision lift for each 2,000 ton steel span section off a barge to a height of approximately 200 feet to within a 1/32 inch tolerance. For each lift, the strand jacks raised the load at speeds of up to 30 ft. per hour. The Bay Bridge opened to traffic in September of 2013.

01232006 BiggeHelpsExtremeMakeover
04012006 Bigge ACT Cover

Bigge Makes the Cover of AC&T Magazine

Event Date: 4/1/2006

On this day (April 1) in 2006, Bigge made the cover of AC&T magazine for a lift in downtown San Francisco, California. Chiller units, the heaviest being 28,000 pounds, needed replacement atop a 345 foot skyscraper in the financial district. The lift was done from a narrow street while avoiding power lines. 

04102010 BiggeWinsSafety

Bigge Wins SC&RA’s Safety Record Award

Event Date: 4/10/2010

On this day (April 10) in 2010, Bigge won the SC&RA’s Safety Record Award, given to the company deemed the safest company within the association. Bigge was given the award based on its track record and 2010 EMR of 0.51, the lowest in the industry at the time. 

04132010 BiggeBeginsRentingHoists

Bigge Begins Offering Construction Hoist Rentals

Event Date: 4/13/2010

On this day (April 13) in 2010, Bigge began offering construction hoist rentals out of its national rental fleet. Today, Bigge is your vertical access connection with one of the largest construction hoist fleets in the United States. We feature Alimak Scando and Hercules construction elevators designed for loads from 2200 to 7000 pounds.

04142010 BiggeExpandsWest

Bigge Expands West of the Rockies

Event Date: 4/14/2010

On this day (April 14) in 2010, Bigge announced its crane rental operation expansion into all seven states west of the Rockies. Due to increasing demand to provide operated & maintained crane rental, Bigge expanded to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. Today, Bigge has expanded to the southeastern United States, offering operated & maintained rentals to the Gulf Region through its Houston, Texas office.

05032010 BiggeHauls3Mile

Bigge Removes and Transports Nuclear Generator

Event Date: 5/3/2010

On this day (May 3) in 2010, Bigge began the removal and transport of a 460 ton nuclear generator from the Three Mile Island power plant to Progress Energy in New Hill, North Carolina. On its 400 mile journey, the generator traveled by road, rail and sea. Three Mile Island is so named because of its location three miles downriver from Middletown, Pennsylvania. The 2 reactors accounted for 1,758 MWe until 2010, when Unit 2 was transferred by Bigge. Today, the first reactor still makes enough electricity to power 800,000 households.

08162010 BiggeAikenSC

Bigge Opens New Office in South Carolina

Event Date: 8/16/2010

On this day (August 16) in 2010, Bigge opened a new office in Aiken, South Carolina. By expanding Bigge’s reach into the Gulf Coast Regions of Florida, Georgia and Alabama, Bigge was able to solidify the southeast region in preparation for our Gulf Regional Headquarters to be opened in Houston, TX in 2011.

10212010 BiggeAwardedPatentRingDerrick

Bigge Awarded Patent for Ring Derrick with Stationary Counterweight

Event Date: 10/21/2010

On this day (October 21) in 2010, Bigge was awarded the patent for ‘Ring Derrick with Stationary Counterweight’ from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This was for Bigge’s 125D AFRD (A-Frame Ring Derrick), the world’s largest capacity crane, invented, designed and produced by Bigge. Not only can the AFRD lift loads up to 7,500 tonnes, it can manage this from one single location, eliminating the need for crane relocation or multiple lifting devices.

10282010 KaiserSolar

Bigge Installs Solar Panels For Kaiser

Event Date: 10/28/2010

On this day (October 28) in 2010, Bigge completed the installation of solar panels at Kaiser hospital in Santa Clara, CA. Noted as the largest collection of solar panels lifted in the city’s history, Kaiser was able to supply over 8.5% of its electricity through these panels at that time. In February 2015, Kaiser Permanente concluded a renewable energy purchase program that will increase its on-site solar generation by as much as 70 megawatts (MW) and will enable delivery of more than 150 MW of off-site solar and wind generation in coming years. As a result, half of all electricity used by Kaiser Permanente in California will come from renewables by 2017.


Bigge Opens Gulf Coast Headquarters

Event Date: 1/18/2011

On this day (January 18) in 2011, Bigge opened its new Gulf Coast headquarters in Houston, TX. This allowed Bigge to service a rapidly expanding market concentrating on petrochemical plants as well as the growing industrial and wind power sectors. The new location has been an anchor for international crane sales through the Port of Houston.

112112 BiggeOpensOffice

Bigge Opens Two New Locations

Event Date: 11/21/2012

On this day (November 21) in 2012, Bigge opened two new locations. The first was in Los Angeles, CA and the second was in Denver, CO. This expansion allowed for increased growth in Bigge’s rental markets while providing additional waypoints between established locations in from Washington State to our Gulf States region.

03252013 BiggeXtreme

Bigge Becomes a Dealer for Xtreme Manufacturing

Event Date: 3/25/2013

On this day (March 25) in 2013, Bigge announced its agreement to be a dealer for Xtreme manufacturing and their industry leading forklifts. At the time, Xtreme Manufacturing produced 14 forklift models, including the XR3034, an ultra-high 15-ton capacity roller boom lift with 34-ft. maximum lift height. 

04152013 BiggeBreaksSalesRecord

Bigge Breaks Sales Record

Event Date: 4/15/2013

On this day (April 15) in 2013, Bigge breaks its own sales record by selling 34 Terex cranes in a single week, breaking the previous record of 28 from 2012. Following Bauma 2013, Bigge sold 20 new Terex RT780, RT555, and RT230 cranes to a corporation in the Middle East. Several days later, Bigge sold 14 Terex RT780, RT670, and RT230 to a customer in Canada. Bigge was able to win these deals because we maintain the largest inventory of cranes for sale and offer excellent worldwide shipping services.

03202014 BiggeBuysKobelcos

Bigge Makes One of the Largest Purchases of Crawlers in History

Event Date: 3/20/2014

On this day (March 20) in 2014, Bigge made one of the largest purchases of crawlers in its history, purchasing 25 crawler cranes from Kobelco prior to ConExpo. The purchase was the largest number of crawler cranes ever sold by Kobelco North America to one dealer in a quarter. Included in the purchase was a 275-ton capacity Kobelco CK2750G crawler crane featuring a nested boom, making it easy to transport and have a smaller footprint than typical cranes of its size. 

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