Broderson IC-250 Series

Carry Deck Crane Information

Broderson IC-250 Series

Max Cap 18 US Tons
Boom 80 ft
Jib 20 ft
Engine Cummins , Cummins/GM QSF3.8 T4F / QSB3.3 T4i


The Broderson IC-250 crane series are low profile carry decks that are great for industrial projects in constrained environments, offering easy transport. Made with heavy-duty chassis and flexible steering, these cranes are perfect for small spaces but can clear large overhead obstacles.

A handful of models within the Broderson IC-250 series — from IC-250‑A to IC-250‑H, where the last letter represents a newer, upgraded version. Here are some of the most popular Broderson IC-250 models within the series:

Broderson IC-250
is the original model equipped with an engine that can be either EPA tier 2 or tier 4 and comes with a powershift transmission. With 4 speeds forward and reverse, the operator can power shift with minimal bumps and jolts for a smoother workflow. Equipped with a hydraulic-powered turret-mounted planetary gear system, it’s capable of low-speed power to lift heavy loads and a high-speed setting for faster cycle times when lifting lighter loads.

The Broderson IC-250 – 3C
is a self-propelled Industrial Crane designed for material handling, maintenance, and repair of equipment, with special features of self-loading cargo decks, 4‑wheel steer, and front-wheel drive (4‑wheel drive optional). The basic unit consists of a chassis and hydraulic boom assembly. The chassis includes a frame, four hydraulic independently controlled outriggers, engine, torque converter, powershift 4‑speed transmission, front planetary drive/​steer axle and rear steer-only axle, fuel tank, hydraulic tank, control station, power steering, and dual power brakes. The boom assembly includes a hydraulic-powered continuous rotation turret, proportional 4‑section telescopic boom, hydraulic boom elevating cylinder, hydraulic boom telescope cylinder, and hydraulic powered hoist. Rated Capacity Limiter is standard.

The Broderson IC-250 – 3D
is an agile and compact carry deck crane, great for maintenance projects in constrained environments and easy transport. With its low profile and heavy-duty chassis, this carry deck handles great for industrial jobs.

The sheave height can reach up to 79.6 ft/24.23 m and capable of 360° continuous rotation. The boom length is 50 ft/15.24 m and a max horizontal reach of 70 ft/21.36 m. The boom is a 4 section boom with a worm drive box for greater reliability.

The engine can be a turbo-charged Tier 4i diesel or V8 engine. It comes with a powershift transmission. With 4 speeds forward and reverse, the operator can power shift at any engine speed in any gear. All shifting is done with a single lever electrical control mounted on the steering column.

When it comes to the Broderson IC-250 crane series, the maximum lift capacity is 36,000 lbs on outriggers; without the outriggers, the max pick and carry capacity is 18,500 lbs, self-loading carry deck capacity when centered is 17,000 lbs. The crane comes with 4 outriggers; they are hydraulic powered and can be controlled individually. The outriggers also come with a sensor indicating whether the outriggers are touching the ground.

Models in this Series