Liebherr LR 1800

Crawler Crane Information

Liebherr LR 1800

Max Cap 900 US Tons
Boom 69-375 ft
Luffing Jib Available

The Liebherr LR 1800 Crawler Crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 900 US tons, a 375 foot maximum length main boom, 300 foot luffing fly-jib, 137 foot derrick boom, as well as 450 ton suspended counterweight or ballast trailer. It is perfectly suited for applications in power stations, refineries, bridge construction sites and the assembly of wind power plants.

Manufactured by Liebherr Ehingen beginning in May 2020, the new 900 US ton crawler crane is expected to have an improved boom system and be easier to transport than other cranes in its class. The LR 1800−1.0 has been unveiled as the newest and latest in the crawler market, aimed for use in the power plant and petrochemical industries. Along with improved ease of transport and a new boom system, this crane also features an innovative derrick ballast.

Compact dimensions of the crane components and moderate individual weights allow easy transport of the crane to the building site. Contact us for more information!