Wind Turbine Erection and Maintenance Solutions

Bigge is committed to accelerating the construction and maintenance of wind turbine parks across the United States.

In 1979, Bigge helped erect the first wind farm in California. Since then, Bigge has committed to accelerating the construction and maintenance of wind turbine parks across the United States. Bigge supports numerous renewable resource energy projects, including wind turbine transportation, erection, and maintenance, wind park planning and logistics, and hydroelectric plant maintenance. With over 40 years of experience and the largest dedicated wind power crawler crane fleet for rent in the U.S., Bigge is the leader in wind turbine erection and maintenance.

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Bigge has a specialized fleet of crawler cranes dedicated to wind turbine erection, including the largest fleet of Liebherr LR 1300 Crawler Cranes in the world. With a maximum lift capacity of 330 tons, the LR series crawlers have superior load charts. Each one can be equipped with a 23' windmill jib and has the highest capacity to weight ratio in their class. Bigge also has numerous Liebherr LR 1600 crawler cranes, the best option for mounting turbines on 100-meter towers. With 354' of boom and 39' jib, the LR 1600/2 can hoist over 100 tons at a 60' radius. Bigge also offers the Liebherr LR 11000, a crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 1102.5 tons, a max hoist height of 735’, and a max radius of 591’.

Bigge has also assembled some of the largest rough terrain cranes ever produced, including the Tadano GR-1200XL and the Tadano GR-1600XL-2. The Tadano GR-1600XL-2 is a 160-ton rough terrain with a maximum boom capacity of 200 feet and a maximum jib capacity of 59.1 feet. These cranes are ideal for setting cages or lifting wind turbine nacelles. Their maneuverability makes them easy to transport and well suited for wind farm work.

All crawlers and rough terrains are available for bare rent out of all Bigge locations. Operated and maintained crane rental service is available in the western United States. Bigge also supports wind power contractors by offering a full engineering design service, complete with Auto CAD drawings for lift planning and transportation operations.

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