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Telecommunications and 5G Crane Work Experts

As the country started transitioning to 5G mobile technology, Bigge has enriched its fleet with cranes perfectly suited for telecommunications and 5G work. We offer equipment and technical expertise in all aspects of lifting and hoisting within the industry. Our cranes are used to set pre-assembled 5G antennas, set up and break down pad sites, lift casing, pipes, wellhead equipment, coil tubing injectors, wireline lubricators, and more. We have the right equipment to assist with any telecommunications project, in both the outside plant (OSP) or inside plant (ISP).

In Northern California, where we offer operated and maintained crane rentals, our team of trained technicians and engineers can accomplish the entire installation and maintenance for the customer. We offer consultations and support in addition to equipment for rent in all other locations across the country. Our staff is DISA certified, and every operator is NCCCO trained. We have experience working hand-in-hand with municipalities, private businesses, and communities to ensure your projects' safe and timely completion.

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Our signature Perfect Fleet includes hydraulic truck cranes and boom trucks to cater to any job demands within the industry. Bigge's equipment, expertise, and vast knowledge of crane applications have placed us as a leading crane provider for 5G antennas projects in the West Coast and the Gulf Region. Our experienced technicians maintain our machinery to ensure smooth operation and execution of the projects. 

It's our priority to deliver the best-in-class equipment to our customers to efficiently complete any job that requires a crane within the telecommunications industry. Call us to get a crane for your next 5G or telecommunications project.

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