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Bigge offers a wide variety of lifting solutions tailored to shipyard projects and ports in the United States.

In April, Bigge engineered and conducted the transport and launch of a historic tall ship into the waters of San Francisco bay from the shores of Sausalito, CA. Named after a prominent shipbuilder and designer, the Matthew Turner is a wooden brigantine schooner built by volunteers from Turner’s original plans dating back over 100 years. Our crews utilized a 6-dolly hydraulic transport system pulled by two prime movers.

Operating within the confines of the shipbuilding facility’s limited space, Bigge carefully rigged its equipment into place beneath the vessel and transported the assembly to water’s edge. The launch ramp was temporarily reinforced and extended with steel plates to ensure clearance of the trailer once the ship was afloat. When complete, the Matthew Turner will serve as an experiential learning platform for Bay Area youth. You can learn more about the project by watching the video.

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Expertise and Resources that Reduce Cost and Minimize Downtime

We offer a wide range of equipment for shipbuilding from workshop chain hoists to the Goliath Gantry Crane. Our experience with over one hundred shipyards worldwide helps us to understand your needs. We have delivered cranes to the Arctic and to environments where they endure dust storms and extreme heat. Get us involved early, and we can provide not just cranes, but a complete lifting solution for your shipyard.

Detailed Planning for Success

Our expert team of engineers create custom plans to execute the demolition or construction of docks, ramps and more. Our Perfect Fleet of cranes include some of the world’s best equipment from Liebherr, Kobelco and Tadano.

Comprehensive Crane Fleet for The Most Demanding Jobs

Unique, complex, and large in port and shipyard construction and maintenance projects require accuracy, skill, and creativity to complete. Bigge’s Perfect Fleet® supplies a multitude of machines and equipment that can be tailored to the industry. Our fleet of Liebherr models like the LR-11000 crawler crane, a max. lifting capacity of 1100 US tons, can accommodate moving large scale coker drums, scrubbers, and more. Our line of rough terrain cranes are great for sites that need high clearance like the Tadano GR-1600XL-3, it’s equipped with 4 different steering modes to best operate in any terrain.

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