Biotech Construction Crane Service

Bigge supports the progress of science by offering crane services to biotech infrastructure projects across the United States.

No matter the project size, Bigge offers the best selection of cranes for rent around the country. We professionally maintain our crane fleet so you can be confident your biotech infrastructure project will be safe and efficient. Our cranes even look good on your job site, thanks to our diligent cosmetic maintenance of every crane.

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Biotech Infrastructure Built by the Best Crane Fleet in the Nation

Bigge supports the biotech infrastructure industry by providing best in class equipment and engineering expertise for some of the most complex projects. For example, Bigge constructs new scientific laboratories, renovates older facilities, and adds space to existing biotech campuses. Bigge builds from the ground up pharmaceutical testing centers, biology labs, and government biotech buildings across the nation.

We work hard to make the best in class cranes available to local general contractors working on the country’s biotech infrastructure. Combined with our nationally recognized team of top-notch engineers, Bigge makes the completion of even the most complex lifts possible for our partners.

Our engineers and crane experts will answer any pre-planning questions, provide project estimates and equipment analysis along with lifting method evaluations. Bigge offers full support to our customers every step of the way throughout the project to ensure safe, efficient, and timely execution under budget.

Biotech Equipment For Rent