Wireline Crane Rental

Bigge’s expertise and vast knowledge of crane applications have placed us as a leading crane rental provider for wireline construction contractors.

Our cranes can be used in a wide range of projects to support wireline service - from holding up wireline lubricators and wireline guns, to coil tubing operations, pipeline, construction, and landscape. Our expertise ranges from wireless tower construction, broadband fiber optic cable installation, to slacklines, and wireline construction all across the US.

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Bigge Wireline Specialists

Bigge offers equipment and technical expertise in all aspects of lifting and hoisting. We’re devoted to helping you and your team manage and execute a variety of jobs, including setting up and breaking down a pad site, lifting casing, pipes, wellhead equipment, coil tubing injectors, and wireline lubricators.

Our team of trained technicians and engineers can assist with your wireline project, whether it be outside plant (OSP) or inside plant (ISP), we have the resources to tackle a project of any size or scope. Our staff is DISA certified, and every operator is NCCO trained. We have experience working hand-in-hand with municipalities, private businesses, and communities.

Wireline Construction and Maintenance

Our signature Perfect Fleet includes road-mobile hydraulic truck cranes and rough terrain cranes to cater to the demands of any job. Bigge’s expertise and vast knowledge of crane applications have placed us as a leading provider for wireline construction. For instance, the Grove TMS9000E, a hydraulic truck crane sports a max. lifting capacity of 110 tons and a max length of 142 feet on its five-section full power boom. All these features amount to the TMS9000E to be strong, maneuverable, and the premier truck mounted crane in the industry. Our machinery is maintained by our experienced technicians by ensuring they are operable and running in its best condition.

Wireline Equipment For Rent