Modular Building Construction Rental Solutions

Our team provides in-house engineering, lift planning, project management, and support for modular building projects.

We work closely with our customers and provide the right crane at the right price. With over 100+ years of experience, Bigge’s engineers and project managers can answer any questions, providing project estimates and equipment analysis along with lifting method evaluations. We offer full support to our customers every step of the way throughout the project to ensure safe, efficient, and timely execution under budget.

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Crane Rental for Modular Construction

Here at Bigge, we understand the importance of time and safety. Modular construction projects can take on many forms and in different locations. Our team provides in-house engineering, lift planning, project management, and support, working closely with our customers and providing the right kinds of options to satisfy logistical and budgetary considerations. Bigge’s Perfect Fleet® offers a multitude of machines and equipment that can be tailored for specific projects. For congested city areas that require heavier lifts, our range of Potain and Comedil city tower cranes is great to maneuver in tight spaces. They are equipped with a zone control system integrated which allows the operator to create a forbidden area in the crane’s work radius to ensure more safety on the job site.

Our Perfect Fleet has a wide variety of tower cranes, construction hoists, and crawler cranes for modular construction to local general contractors around the country. We offer turnkey tower and hoist rental service around the nation, and operated and maintained rental service in Northern California. Our staff is DISA certified, and every operator is NCCO certified. Bigge's reputation and record for safety are unrivaled, reinforced by experienced crews and best-in-class equipment maintained to the highest standards.

Modular Building Equipment For Rent