Residential and Mixed-Use Construction

From single-family subdivisions to vertical/horizontal mixed-use structures, Bigge has provided cranes, hoists, and expertise to building communities while adding value and vitality to neighborhoods across the nation.

In the modern world, there’s constant change and development in urban areas. Within high-density environments, structures are designed for both utility and design. When building in a residential area, we understand how important it is to reduce impact and disruptions within communities while improving the safety and overall success of the project.

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Residential and Mixed-Use Construction Crane Expertise

Construction in residential and mixed-use environments can be complex to plan and build due to the variety of buildings and functions, often calling for unique specifications and requirements. Our team is devoted to helping accommodate your project specifications. With safety and efficiency as a priority, we strive to exceed client expectations and satisfaction. Our staff is DISA certified, and every operator is NCCO certified.

Bare Crane Rental for Residential and Mixed-Use General Contractors

From pre-planning to execution, Bigge’s engineers and project managers can answer any questions, provide project estimates and equipment analysis along with lifting method evaluations. Bigge offers full support to our customers every step of the way throughout the project to ensure safe, efficient, and timely execution under budget.

Comprehensive Crane Fleet for Residential Construction

Bigge offers a wide variety of tower cranes, construction hoists, truck cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes and telehandlers for residential and mixed-use construction to local general contractors. We offer turnkey tower and hoist rental service around the nation, and operated and maintained rental service in Northern California.

Construction in cityscapes or residential areas requires working around buildings, pedestrians, and transit which is constant. Bigge’s Perfect Fleet® offers a multitude of machines and equipment that can be tailored for specific projects. The Potain MDT 109 is the smallest tower crane in the Potain MDT CCS City Range, perfect for congested city areas, yet still having the ability to lift 7 US tons. For projects that require heavier lifts, and that have more operating space, we offer Potain’s 35 US tons tower cranes. Take a look at the models below to see the most common cranes for residential and mixed construction.

Residential & Mixed-Use Equipment For Rent